Reusable Straws Worth The Switch by CHEW

KFC and Burger King are two fast food joints in Singapore that have hopped on the strawless bandwagon. It’s a pretty awesome wagon. Something as small and insubstantial as a single straw could do a tonne of damage as a bunch, or if it ends up in the wrong places, like in oceans.

And yet, it’s the fact that it’s so small and insubstantial that throws so many people off of the metal straw experience. You and I want to save the world, but let’s be real. Metal straws are rigid, a bitch to get dry, and their greatest sin? You can’t CHEW on them.

All hail, this Kickstarter that solves all your problems! CHEW, made with environmentally friendly materials is set out to make sustainable straw-drinking an experience for the ages. The solution they’ve come up with allows you to chew, take your straw apart, and transport it with ease, because of a rinse-and-spin mechanism.


The top of these metal straws are made of chewable, food-safe silicone tips. You no longer have to bother about feeling like an insensitive prick after subconsciously chewing on the straw of a drink you’re sharing with someone. For increased satisfaction, these chewy tips are textured and also colored, featuring cute nature and graphically themed elements. ASMR pals, now’s your time.

Chewing on CHEW

They’re just SO MUCH CLEANER

Metal straws can be all fun until you start thinking about what subterranean microorganism ecosystem is thriving off of the residual moisture that’s accumulated in your straw. Not to mention, they’re stuck in your dark, warm, fuzzy backpack. CHEW’s rinse and spin mechanism makes sure your straw is all dry before you throw it into the depths of your bag. Twirling the straw in its case dries it all out, through vents located at the bottom of the case.

Pocket Spin

Handy Tools

Apart from the addition of a couple of unique mechanisms, CHEW also offers practicality to make your eco-friendly journey a little easier.

CHEW can be disassembled and restructured however you like, and then snapped into a handy container that’s designed to fit in any pocket. The case, made out of recycled plastic is meant to aid in assembly with a simple click.

The case has also got another handy feature that allows you to pierce plastic lids on cups. Bubble tea fiends, there are no excuses anymore.

Cutting Edge JS.A

CHEW goes live on Kickstarter on 24th October 2018! Check them out here.

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