Rekindle The Joy Of Printed Photos With The Canon SELPHY CP1500

Easy set-up
Beautiful prints
Stock up on photo paper

Canon’s new SELPHY CP1500, is a new wireless compact photo printer that might have you shopping for photo frames again.

In today’s age of tablets and smartphones, printing photographs isn’t really as popular as before. In fact, the last time I bought a photo frame was almost 4 years ago. I went digital.

However, the SELPHY CP1500 rekindled the joy of holding a printed photograph. There’s just something so tangible when you have a physical print. It’s easy to forget the feeling, but hard to deny.

Available in both black and white, the SELPHY CP1500 has a clean, minimalistic design which is modern yet pleasing to the eye.

Set-up was just a matter of plugging it in and really quite intuitive. I’m no tech whiz, but I had it set up and ready to go in 5 minutes… without looking at the manual.

In order to print a photograph all you need is a USB Type-C cable to print images from your phone, camera, or computer. You can even print by directly inserting an SD card or USB flash drive.

If you’re using a mobile device (my preferred option), simply download the upgraded SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0 smartphone app, which is supported on iOS, iPadOS, and Android OS, connect to the printer via WiFi and you’re ready to go.

The SELPHY CP1500 uses dye-sublimation technology, which enables smoother colour tones and richer gradations, and comes with an automatic correction function that adjusts the brightness, saturation, contrast and tones in images for a better, clearer finish.

At the end of the printing process, a special overcoat finish is applied to protect the photo from water, dirt, colour fading, and even fingerprints.

Canon states that whether the photo was a quick smartphone snapshot or a photographic work shot on a camera, it will stay in pristine condition for up to 100 years when preserved in an album.

While I can’t confirm claims of a 100-year lifespan, the photos we bright and vivid. It is especially pleasing to see how the colours are applied individually (CMYK) before you get the final product.

You can also personalise the print further by including a QR code – whether it links to a photo album, a video, an online map with the photo location or even a secret message!


At any one time, up to eight smartphones can be connected to the SELPHY CP1500 – perfect for parties and gatherings.

Prints are postcard-sized (approx. 100 x 148mm). Each takes around 40+ seconds. The option for card-size prints (54 x 86mm) can be made in just around 23 seconds.

For added portability, the new NB-CP2LI battery pack (sold separately) provides up to 72 postcard-sized prints from a single charge.

Available at SGD $239, the SELPHY CP1500 is a reasonably priced choice for a fun little photo printer.