Razer to Set Up Face Mask Manufacturing in Singapore

From gaming to health – Razer has announced plans to set up, Singapore’s first fully automated mask production and packing line.

Frasers Property, JustCo and PBA Group are the first Singapore-based companies that have each committed US$50,000 upfront for the initial shipments of masks from the line in support of Razer’s efforts.

The COVID-19 virus situation has had an immense impact around the world. Everyone at Razer understands that we all have a part to play in combating the pandemic, no matter which industry we come from.

Min-Liang Tan, Co-founder and CEO, Razer

Razer initially converted existing product manufacturing lines in China to make and donate masks for immediate relief, with initial shipments of masks going out earlier this week. However, Razer has been inundated by requests due to an extreme shortage of face masks and PPEs – particularly in Southeast Asia.

In addition, many of the face masks in the market are not properly manufactured, do not meet certification standards and offer little or no protection to the users.

Razer plans to set up a domestic mask manufacturing line in Singapore to manufacture and deliver certified face masks – made in Singapore and certified to Singapore and international standards – to supply the Singapore market and the region.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted plans to set up the line on his Facebook Page and did a call-out to Singapore-based organizations to purchase the initial shipments from the line.

This was met with swift support from numerous corporations including Frasers Property, JustCo Global and PBA Group that are each committing US$50,000 upfront to help support Razer’s efforts.

Razer has stated that the will be made to observe the highest standards and address issues faced by many face masks in the market that are not properly manufactured, do not meet proper certifications and offer little to no protection to the users.

To support Razer’s initiative, you can head to the #RAZERFORLIFE campaign page.