Razer Announces Plans for New Southeast Asia Headquarters in Singapore

Razer, one of the most iconic lifestyle brands for gamers, has announced its plan for a long-term lease of a new location for its Southeast Asia headquarters based in the technology and media hub of Singapore in 2020.

Razer’s plans for the opening of its new headquarters in Singapore highlight the Companv’s growth plans in the esports and gaming industries, with the Singapore office acting as the epicenter for Razer’s Southeast Asia strategy.

As part of the Singapore Government’s continued efforts to establish the city-state as a global hub for technological innovation, the new Razer Southeast Asia headquarters will gain access to a strong pool of technology talent, while benefiting from a range of the state’s supportive policies and initiatives.

The new headquarters will cover an estimated 19,300 square meters in a seven-storey building.

The new building, which will feature Razer’s signature design elements, designed by Razer designers and external architects is set to become a new landmark in Singapore’s technological innovation center and create another new home to employees and fans.

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