Quinn’s The Irish Tavern Rebrands as The Queen’s Pub

Quinn’s The Irish Tavern has officially announced its rebranding to The Queen’s Pub, marking a significant evolution in the establishment’s identity.

This rebranding underscores more than a simple name change; it represents a renewed commitment to delivering a distinctive and memorable patron experience, extending its reputation beyond that of a traditional bar.

The revamped identity reflects the establishment’s English origins, aiming to cater to a more diversified audience. The chosen name, “The Queen’s Pub”, honors the late Queen Elizabeth II, renowned for her extensive reign in British history.

Seaman’s basket

More than a conventional restaurant or bar, The Queen’s Pub serves as a vibrant community space, promoting the development of friendships, facilitating business discussions, and fostering dynamic social interactions.

With its innovative and evolving food and beverage menu, The Queen’s Pub aims to ensure consistent patron engagement.

The culinary portfolio of The Queen’s Pub is expansive, catering to various food preferences. Appetizers range from Clam Chowder with Garlicky Garlic Bread to signature main courses such as Barbeque Pork Ribs Short Slab, Signature Lamb Shank in Red Wine Sauce, and Wagyu Beef Burger.

Barbeque Pork Ribs Short Slab

Lighter options including English Scotch Eggs, Beer Battered Fish Bites, and Spam Fries provide the perfect complement to the range of draft beers available.

The Queen’s Pub also features local dishes including Beef/Chicken Satay with Malay Rice Cake and Peanut Sauce, Queen’s Special Chicken Wings with Sambal Chilli, and Top-Shell with Onions.

Chicken and Beef Satay with peanut sauce

A selection of Pasta and Flatbreads further diversifies the menu, alongside a variety of sharable platters.

The beverage offerings are equally diverse, encompassing a wide selection of aged whiskies, premium wines, bourbons, spirits, and signature cocktails.

Noteworthy is the establishment’s dedication to top-tier service, with staff going the extra mile to provide a tailored experience for each patron.

The venue combines a lively indoor bar with a welcoming outdoor seating area, creating a unique blend of high-energy atmosphere and inviting ambiance. Located at Millenia Walk, The Queen’s Pub adds to the venue’s distinct charm with a unique showcase of luxury vehicles.

Barbeque Chicky Burger

Shaye Chin, director and co-owner of The Queen’s Pub, articulates his enthusiasm for the rebranding, viewing it as “an exciting step forward in solidifying our identity and highlighting the unique aspects that set us apart from other similar pubs.”

In line with the rebranding, The Queen’s Pub is introducing attractive promotions for patrons, which includes all-night beer offers and a Saturday Beef Buffet.

Whether patrons prefer the energy of an indoor setting or the relaxation of an outdoor space, The Queen’s Pub aims to provides an experience aimed at creating memorable social connections and lasting memories.