Singapore Grand Prix

Queen + Adam Lambert Prove They’re Royalty At Singapore Grand Prix 2016

Since first sharing the stage for the final of American Idol in May 2009, Queen + Adam Lambert have formed a successful partnership with over 70 sold out shows in every part of the world. And for the first time, the legendary band performed in Singapore, headlining the Formula 1 night race in Singapore on 17 September 2016.

As a band, Queen is right up there with the greats with seven Ivor Novellos, an MTV Global Icon Award and two songs enshrined in the Grammy Hall of Fame. With record sales in the hundreds of millions of units – including their Greatest Hits collection which sold over 6 million copies in the UK alone, meaning one in three households owning a copy – and a string of No. 1 albums and chart topping singles, Queen are undoubtedly one of the UK’ s most successful and best loved national treasures. Their performance in Singapore, even after four decades, proves that Queen haven’t lost their touch and are still royalty.

The entire performance was an extremely well produced act. The lights, lasers and video wall were used to perfection and created an atmosphere worthy of the bands legacy as amazing live performers. Brian May and Roger Taylor both proved that they still had it in them.

While Adam Lambert is undoubtedly talented, and his debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ earned him a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, and his second album, ‘Trespassing’, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, filling the void that Freddy Mercury left in his passing is a tough ask for anyone.

Mercury was someone so special and unique, that it is almost unthinkable that anyone would dare sip from that poisoned chalice – a legacy forged by him together with Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. I for one, never thought that anyone could. Adam Lambert though, is perfect in the role beside May and Taylor.

Where other legendary bands have filled the frontman spot with vocal doppelgangers, Queen takes a different route. Lambert and Mercury may be similar in many ways – both are flamboyant performers with amazing voices – but yet, they’re very different. It’s to Lambert’s credit that he’s not trying to be Freddy Mercury. Adam Lambert revels in is his own audacious style that somehow manages to fit like a missing piece of a puzzle.

Again unlike other bands, it is extremely heartwarming that while Freddy Mercury is gone, he isn’t forgotten. Queen and Adam Lambert pay tribute to the late frontman through clever use of old footage and weaving it into their performance. If you close your eyes, it’s as if Freddy Mercury was right there. like. I had goosebumps the moment Freddy was introduced on screen.

They mesmerized the crowd with all the favourites – Fat Bottomed Girls, Somebody to Love, We Will Rock You, and Bohemian Rhapsody and many, many more. It was a performance worthy of it’s own concert and billing.

You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us feel like we could fly. Queen.