PRISM+ Symphony Soundbar Delivers Above Its Class

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Great sound. Subwoofer included.
HDMI passthrough expands your ports
Bluetooth connectivity
Great value
Can get slightly muddy in big action scenes
No multi speaker/room support

Earlier in March 2022, PRISM+ unveiled its first generation of its audio products to complete the home cinematic experience.

The launch of the PRISM+ Flow and PRISM+ Symphony soundbars rounds off the tech brand’s roster of gaming monitors, and smart TVs – moving from the visual aspect of entertainment, to the aural. To be fair, they don’t do too bad.

We take a look at the bigger, more premium, PRISM+ Symphony.


Out of the box, PRISM+ Symphony looks much like most soundbars you find today. PRISM+ haven’t gone crazy with the aesthetics and it looks like well… a soundbar. It should easily blend into your current setup

The are options to mount it on a wall, but I very much prefer to have it sitting on my media console. At 70mm high, it is sleek enough to fit between the typical space between a wall-mounted TV and a media console.

The PRISM+ Symphony is a 5.1.2 soundbar with 11 speakers – 4  upward firing, 4 full range frontal speakers, 2 surround speakers and an 8” down-firing wireless subwoofer, at a 760 watt output.

Being wireless, the subwoofer is detached from the main system and allows you to place it at the optimal position for your setup… as long as there is a power point handy.


The Symphony features two passthrough HDMI 2.0 ports and a HDMI eARC port that connects to your TV. Designed to take advantage of Dolby Atmos, audio that immerses users with sound that moves all around you, the two passthrough ports are perfect for an Apple TV or a PlayStation 5 – devices that can deliver Dolby Atmos quality music.

In addition to the HDMI ports, other connectivity options include Optical and Coaxial ports, as well as Bluetooth 5.0.

Priced at SGD $699, the PRISM+ Symphony is the most affordable premium soundbar in its class. When coupled with the upward-firing speakers, the 5.1.2 soundbar totally changes the way you would experience sound from your TV.

The center channel is very clear for dialogues and the subwoofer completes the soundscape. However, the sound can get a bit muddy in busier action scenes when compared to slower, dramatic movies and shows.

Also, PRISM+ Symphony is unable to add on extra speakers for a bigger set-up or multi-room support.


While the PRISM+ Symphony might not be able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Sonos Arc, a soundbar that costs double the price, it does perform better than the Sonos Beam – one in the same price range.

The ability to connect via Bluetooth is another leg up the Symphony has over the Sonos system – unless you don’t need it and multi-room/speaker support is what you need.

The PRISM+ Symphony stays true to the company’s roots by delivering a soundbar that punches above its price point, and class, and is a great option if you’re starting on your home cinema journey.