PRISM+ E55 4K Digital Smart TV Provides the Ultimate Value

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The Good
Clear and sharp display
Officially licensed for 4K Netflix streaming
Netflix and YouTube buttons on remote
Amazing price
The Bad
Limited app library

Singapore consumer tech company PRISM+ launched its very first line of affordable Direct-lit LED, Ultra-High Definition (DLED UHD) smart TVs, the E-series Smart TV range – at The Tech Show last year (November 2019). They broke into the market with an extremely low price point which was almost half the current market price for televisions within the same range. We take a look at the Prism+ E55, their 55 inch TV.

Today, Smart TVs are the cornerstone of all our entertainment needs. Where once they were simply displays that we would connect to a digital set-top box or a console game system, they are now standalone entertainment systems in their own right.

Since 2017, PRISM+ first broke onto the scene by offering premium gaming monitors at extremely affordable prices in Singapore. It has now expanded its line into the TV market where they seek to make high-end premium Smart TV features affordable to the masses.

However, PRISM+ isn’t exactly new to the market. They’re the same people that are behind AFTERSHOCK PC which was founded in 2012 by a team of hardware enthusiasts, competitive gamers and IT professionals.

They’ve taken that same goal of providing quality products at accessible prices by going direct to consumer to the gaming monitor industry, and now Smart TVs, with PRSM+.

Starting from the 43” range onwards, the PRISM+ TVs come with industry-standard features including built-in 4K Netflix app, High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability, In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels and zero-bezel design that means more screen and less border.

Right out of the box, assembly is a breeze and all you need is a standard screwdriver and a couple of minutes and you’re done. The 2 legs that support the 55″ TV are quite stable and give no hint of a wobble. Plug the TV in and after a standard setup procedure, you’ll be ready in minutes.

The Prism+ Smart TVs come Digital TV ready for local “free-to-air” channels. A digital TV antenna is provided if you need one.

The PRISM+ E55 features 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports which give you a reasonable amount of connectivity options. You also have options for RCA connection, a 3.5mm audio output and SPDIF output for digital audio.

The display is bright, sharp and clear and able to produce 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution very well. The IPS panel, which is actually a LG panel, provides wide viewing angles which means that it is perfect for the living room – especially if you have a L-shaped or combination sofa.

With regards to the design, the “border-less” design gives you more screen and less frame with the Prism+ logo just a small footnote at the bottom of the screen. In this case, less is more and better.

For those who are all about streaming, Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime are available in the app library. Prism+ Smart TVs have also been officially approved by Netflix to provide consumers with quality viewing experience. What does it mean to be “approved by Netflix”?

Well, the streaming service evaluates TVs and determines if they are designed to bring you a faster, easier and better viewing experience from beginning to end. Typically only TVs from the established brands such as LG, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony make the cut – and even then, only selected models.

While Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime work extremely well, with both a wired and wireless connection, that’s about all there is to note about the app library. However, all you need to get around that is to hook up a android box, or a Apple TV 4K like I did, and you’re done.

There is also a dedicated Netflix and YouTube button on the remote that is really useful and time saving.

Now Prism+ does say that the TV comes with Dolby Audio Surround. However, what that really translates into is that you can turn up the volume high enough that you might just piss your neighbors off. While the audio is definitely audible at higher volumes, it’s not going to have that cinematic feel. With any TV, you will always need an external audio system.

If you want to really stand out, check out the KANVA Tripod TV stand and KANVA Quad TV stand that provide a unique and chic way to mount and display your TV. The stands are metal frames with tapered Beechwood legs that are guaranteed t make a statement.

While the E55 was the largest Smart TV in the Prism+ inventory on launch, since then they’ve launched the bigger E65 at… you guessed it, 65 inches.

The Prism+ E55 is priced at SGD 599 and the E65 at SGD 999 (at time of publication). The E55 and all its features present an unbeatable value for what you receive. If you think you need a bigger screen, then go for the E65.

One thing to note though is that even before the challenges distribution channels are now facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TVs are extremely popular and are mostly available on pre-order and you will almost definitely have to wait before you can get one into your home.

Cheap and good is the Holy Grail for any shopper. Prism+ Smart TVs provide no-frills, high-end quality at an extremely accessible price that really makes you want to get more than one.