Premier League Matchweek 3: Will Guardiola Conquer?

Finally Leicester City and Arsenal have won their first games of the season while Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool were held to a 1-1 stalemate despite a very positive performance by the Reds.

Manchester United, City and Chelsea all continued their perfect record of 3 wins out of 3 with City on top due to goal difference.

Excluding the pre-season matches, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have won now 5 out of 5 games already! That’s basically the essential dream start for the Spanish genius despite all the criticism from stuck-up English fans boasting that the Premier League is the most challenging league in the world and he wouldn’t be able to pull-off the magic he had when he was in Germany and Spain.

Which… might have some truth to it. As much Pep is a tactical genius, Manchester City is still no Bayern Munich or Barcelona. Moreover, with other equally capable managers such as Mourinho and Conte now in the Premier League, ‘conquering’ would definitely be a much harder task to accomplish now.

And as much as I hate to say this–being a United fan and all that–I will still be looking forward for City games in the Premier League as I am a sucker for fast-paced possession football and of course, watching Sergio Aguero tearing teams apart is a joy to behold!

Nevertheless, it’s still very early into the season but if not this title, I would still expect Pep to win at least one Premier League medal in the next few years (assuming he stays). The Premier League’s possibility aside, the Champions League trophy will definitely be on Pep’s radar in his time with City.

Even though he won it twice with Barcelona, his failure to do so with Bayern Munich would have definitely restored his appetite to win the most prestigious European Club trophy yet again. Furthermore, with the depth of his squad and the aid of a few more transfers, I do believe that Guardiola can channel the performances of his former clubs in his current one and go far in the competition.