Pink Dot SG, Singapore’s Largest LGBTQ-Affirming Movement, Marks its 10th Year

Singapore’s largest LGBTQ-affirming movement, Pink Dot SG, marked a momentous 10 years over the weekend with a strong, confident statement.

Emblazoned across a sea of pink lights created by thousands of Singaporeans and Permanent Residents were three simple yet powerful words – We Are Ready – a call for inclusion, diversity and equality.

Pink Dot 10 was both a celebration and a sneak peek into the movement’s future. The inaugural PinkFest that took place over three weeks prior to Pink Dot, saw over 20 LGBTQ-themed events created and curated by businesses, companies and individuals.

Hundreds of people – LGBTQ and straight – attended these events in a strong show of support for the community.

Adding to this, and for the second year running, the Red Dot For Pink Dot initiative saw strong support among local businesses with 113 sponsors coming onboard this year.

“We mark our tenth edition with hope and optimism for the future, but are also mindful that plenty more still remains to be done for Singapore to fully embrace the tenets of inclusion, diversity and equality,” said Paerin Choa, Pink Dot SG spokesperson.

“As we celebrate this milestone, witnessing Speaker’s Corner awash in pink, let us remember that, just as we’ve been forced to erect barriers that separate us from friends and family members here, the LGBTQ community are likewise still restricted by discriminating laws and social prejudice.

At the rally, Pink Dot ambassadors led the crowd in making 10 declarations on the changes the LGBTQ community and its allies are ready for, so that each and every member of the LGBTQ community is treated as an equal member of society in Singapore.

Also in line with having a greater community presence, Pink Dot 10 also saw the roll-out of three community-led campaign videos by three notable local filmmakers: Christopher Khor, Quen Wong and He Shuming.

All three campaign videos focus on continuing challenges faced by LGBT individuals and families, told from the perspectives of a teenager behind the Love, Simon petition, a mother-and-daughter volunteer team, and a queer person from a Malay-Muslim family.

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