Philips Introduces Vacuum Blending Technology for Smoother Smoothies

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The Good
Sturdy build
Modern design
Smooth, consistent blending
The Bad
It can get loud

Living healthy can sometimes be such a chore. It’s not just about working out right, but consuming nutrients right as well. However, it might have just got easier with the Philips High Speed Vacuum Blender.

With the rise and prevalence of chronic disease, and a smorgasbord of delicious food options, and the fact that you can get all the best food delivered to you, leading a sedentary lifestyle has gotten much easier, while eating healthy has actually gotten (mentally) harder.

From cold press juicers to salad cutting bowls and spiralizers, I’ve found myself investing in kitchen gadgets that help make choosing a healthy lifestyle slightly easier. The Philips High Speed Vacuum Blender has definitely found a home on my kitchen top.

Drinking smoothies are a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into our diet. However, the oxidation that occurs during the blending process causes browning, decolorization and separation. This decreases the nutritional value of the vitamins and minerals released.

The introduction of technology such as vacuum blending can help to slow down this process for smoothies to stay fresher for longer as it removes the air from the blending container, allowing you to blend smoothies in a low-oxygen environment, minimizing oxidation of your ingredients.

Philips’ innovative StayFresh Vacuum Technology is equipped with Philips’ patented joint lid solution and vacuum process filter. It combines a powerful pump with an air-sealed system to keep air out during the vacuuming process to visibly reduce the amount of bubbles, foam and separation that occurs.

Setting up the blender is a no-brainer. It simply works out of the box. Four clearly marked buttons and an LED ring highlights the vacuum and blending options.

From gently soft fruits to crushing ice, the blender has a variety of program settings and speed options, for every desired smoothie option – and a recipe book if you lack inspiration.

Sturdy and robust, but modern in its design, the metal and black detail will look good on any kitchen top. Cleaning is also extremely convenient as the parts are easily detachable for cleaning purposes. Also, it is dishwasher safe – other than the blade which can be easily rinsed clean.

The blender is loud though. Probably one of the loudest I’ve come across. Upon first use I thought that it might just take off. The end product? A bright, consistently smooth drink.

It’s one of the most used gadgets in my kitchen.

Competitively priced, The Philips High Speed Vacuum Blender (HR3752/01) retails for $599 and is now available at the Philips e-shop and Philips authorized retailers.