Perfect Pairings: Discover Your Next Favorite on Disney+

Have a bunch of streaming subscriptions and yet have “nothing to watch” once you’re done with your favourite series? Or more like I don’t know what, or where, to start. We delve into the Disney+ catalogue to find some thematic pairings that might help you find your next favourite show.

Whether your interest lies in tales of unrequited love or narratives centred around characters embarking on journeys into unknown realms, it’s worth taking a second look.


For fans of self-discovery and the exploration of one’s origins, the expansive universe of Star Wars presents Obi-Wan Kenobi, a series that delves into the titular character’s confrontation with his past and the Jedi principles he once renounced.

This journey of reclamation and identity is mirrored in the Marvel series Echo, which chronicles the story of Maya Lopez, a deaf superhero who seeks to reconcile with her heritage while navigating the perilous waters of her mafia-affiliated upbringing.


Those intrigued by narratives of familial legacy and the ensuing responsibilities will find depth in Ahsoka, which examines the profound responsibility of honouring one’s mentor’s legacy while guiding a new Padawan.

Conversely, A Shop For Killers explores the theme of inheritance through Ji-An, tasked with protecting her uncle’s hidden armoury from nefarious forces, suggesting that legacy involves not only preservation but also enhancement.


The genre of dystopian survival is vividly portrayed in Sand Land, an anime adaptation set against the backdrop of a desolate world where rebels and demons ally against a tyrannical ruler in a quest for liberation.

Avatar offers a narrative of transformation and survival on an alien planet, where protagonist Jake Sully discovers that survival transcends mere adaptation, requiring a profound connection with the land and its indigenous inhabitants.


For enthusiasts of time-travel narratives, Loki features the titular anti-hero engaging in temporal adventures with the Time Variance Authority, evolving from a villain into a hero committed to the salvation of the universe.

Tokyo Revengers presents a darker take on time travel, with Takemichi Hanagaki using his abilities to alter the past to save his ex-girlfriend from a tragic end, even if it means infiltrating a dangerous gang.

Regardless of your narrative preference, be it theme, genre, or format, there exists a story within its vast library poised to captivate and engage.