Percy Jackson Disney+

Percy Jackson and the Disney+ Future

The demigod journeys to the streaming service

As awesome as the books have been, Percy Jackson‘s not done as well with film. In fact, it may be one of the few franchises to have done better as an on-stage musical than as a film.

With two film adaptations, both boasting cast and crew that should have had awesome adaptations, Percy Jackson has, however, floundered on screens.

Floundered. ‘Cause, y’know, Percy’s the son of Poseidon? It’s a smart pun, you’ll get it.

So anyways, after a bunch of nonstarters with reboot attempts and even a rumoured effort with the Percy Jackson sequel series, Heroes of Olympus. And now, 7 years after the last film (10 after the first), there’s finally news for fans.

I’ll let Rick Riordan fill you in himself:

That’s right, Percy Jackson is making his way to the small screen thanks to Disney+! Not that that’s really surprising news given that it was in the headline as well, but let’s just cheer anyway!


Percy Jackson‘s fate has been up in the air largely due to the sticky situation with its rights. However, with Disney’s purchase of Fox, things have been somewhat simplified. And thank Zeus for that!

And this works great for Disney as well. For years, Warner Bros. has had one corner of the ring concurred with the Harry Potter (now Fantastic Beasts) franchise. With Artemis Fowl headed to the big screen, Percy Jackson could be Disney’s answer to Harry Potter for the small screens. Furthermore, the television format just makes more sense.

Percy Jackson is not only a 5-book tale, it is also the starting of a pretty epic mega-franchise. The series if followed by another 5-book series in Heroes of Olympus, and yet another 5-books with The Trials of Apollo set to end this September.

And that’s not even including the opportunities for a shared universe with parallel serieses The Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

So hold on to your wands Potterheads, the age of the Jackheads is coming! After they get a better fandom name. Demigods? We’ll work something out.

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