Pearl Mackie Who? She’s The Doctor’s New Companion For Season 10

Jenna Coleman’s gone and it’s up to Pearl Mackie, the latest to wear the mantle of ‘Companion’, to keep the Doctor in check for Season 10 of the beloved series.

Peter Capaldi is joined by Pearl Mackie, as the Doctor and his Companion, Bill, zip around time and space. Not much is known about the newcomer (maybe it’s due to the fact that she’s well… new), Mackie seems to be a different breed of companion when compared to Coleman’s ‘Impossible Girl’ – who started to wear on me towards the end. Bill might just be a little more Tate than Piper, and might be just what the Doctor needs.

“Reading the script at the audition I thought Bill was wicked. Fantastically written, cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in—I can’t wait to bring her to life, and to see how she develops through the series.” – Pearl Mackie aka Bill

Doctor Who starts filming in May and will only hit screens in 2017… when they go back to the future.