New App Connects You to Gyms and Studios

The pain of scheduling gym and exercise sessions may soon be yesterday’s problem. Passport Asia, the Singapore-based mobile fitness App, has officially launched today, providing members with access to a slew of gyms and studios in Singapore, with one membership and from the convenience of their phone.

The subscription-based service offers a choice of over 20,000 different classes available per month – from Pilates and Weight-lifting to Boxing and Zumba – from 130 gyms and studios, all for one fee.

“Singaporeans no longer track fitness solely by miles on the treadmill or minutes spent at a target heart rate. The definition of fitness and its benefits have evolved, as have our perceptions of what can get us there” says co-founder and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, Sanjey Chandran

“Martial arts, dancing, cross-fit, group workouts… All these activities have exploded in popularity because fitness has become more social, more local, and more creative.”

Passport Asia is the first and only App in Asia that allows members to experiment with various fitness activities around town whenever they want, wherever they want, with only one membership fee.

Members can choose the activity they want based on location, with the GPS-based service identifying all gyms near the office or home. There are over 160 locations to-date spread throughout Singapore. Users can filter over 120 curated activities, and book classes according to a date and timing that suits them, with classes synched to the phone’s calendar.

The inherently social aspect of Passport Asia aims to make the app easier for friends to organise and schedule group classes together. Links to classes can be shared via instant messaging services, e-mail or social media and bookings can be made instantaneously, allowing users to workout with like-minded members who share their passion in Spinning, Muay Thai or Golf.

The all-Singaporean founding team is made up of entrepreneurs who cut their teeth in the world’s top companies, including McKinsey, Harvard, Procter & Gamble and Accenture. The team have been involved in over 20 start-ups, and have benefitted from the strong local ecosystem of venture capitalists, advisors and backers.

The second co-founder, Gene Yap, has ambitious plans for this young Singaporean start-up, “Asia has a massive smartphone penetration rate, and Singapore, with its supportive business environment, is the perfect springboard into the rest of the region. Within six months, we plan on expanding to Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Australia, with the rest of Asia following thereafter”

While the gym-going public will benefit from greater choice and accessibility, Passport Asia’s partner gyms and studios have already reported increased memberships and attendance. Partner gyms are able to set a ‘quota’ of slots available, while Passport Asia’s algorithm ensures classes are available to members every time they book. The ease at which the App connects fitness enthusiasts with gyms provides greater marketing mileage for partners, and allows them to fill classes that would otherwise remain empty.

Passport Asia offers entry level membership for SGD59 for four activities a month, and unlimited sessions of any activity per month at SGD99.

The App is available on iOS and Android.Every new user who downloads the App between now and July 1, 2015 will enjoy one month’s free membership including unlimited access to over 20,000 classes every month.

While the verdict is still out on the success of the app, it couldn’t have come at better time for me as I begin my hunt for a new gym.