Oxwell & Co Introduce Hendrick’s Infused Tea To Their Menu

A heritage corner-house perched on Ann Siang Hill, one of Singapore’s trendiest F&B enclaves, the eccentrically British Oxwell & Co has infused a boozy peculiarity into its Rooftop Garden & Bar with an all-new Tea Infusions Menu.

Served in elegant tea sets fashioned out of porcelain china, the Hendrick’s Gin infused cocktails are available on Oxwell & Co’s Rooftop Garden & Bar, making it the perfect place to chill and take in a bird’s-eye view of Chinatown after a long day of work.

We recently got a chance to sample the new Tea Infusion menu at Oxwell & Co. Now I’ve had an interesting history with Oxwell & Co. (you can read about my previous adventures here) and while I didn’t exactly jump at the chance to try out the new menu, but I’d heard the management team had changed and they were trying new things. What can I say, my interest was piqued.

Oxwell & Co. boasts four floors of food and cocktails – from the bar on the first floor, a dining room on the second floor, a private dining room on the third floor and of course, a rooftop bar.

Now while I wouldn’t call myself a gin aficionado, I do love my Hendrick’s. Making my way up to the top floor, you get the feeling that they’re taking the whole Hendrick’s infusion seriously with the place completely decked out with the brand’s distinct style.

The four new infusions – A Brew on the Roof, Chamomile High Club, Gingerly Does It and Ripe Time, are served in a Hendrick’s teacup (the type you get when you purchase a bottle at the DFS), and with a party of four or more it’s served out of a Hendrick’s teapot (which I have yet to see at a DFS).

of Teacups and Teapots…

I approached the first drink Gingerly Does It, gingerly. A peppermint infused concoction of Hendrick’s Gin with Ginger Syrup and Amargo Bitters, it had a nice balance between the mint and herbs that made it quite refreshing.

A Brew on the Roof though, is a stark contrast. Where the Gingerly Does It is soft and mild, the Brew On The Roof is strong and bold. The taste of grapefruit bitters is very bold and hits the pallet like a hammer to the teeth.

The Chamomile High Club paired really well with the spicier bar snacks with its soothing honey infusion. Rounding up the four, Ripe Time was almost dessert-like with the addition of the mango syrup.

An interesting point to note is that most of the herbs used in the drinks and food are grown on the roof top, maintained by both the kitchen staff and the bartenders. All of the drink recipes were concocted in-house by the bar staff as well.

I do recommend that you don’t just visit for the drinks but also the bar bites which are interesting and unique. I would especially recommend the Salt and Pepper Squid which is fried with salt and pepper batter which gives it a nice crunch and slightly peppery flavor served with a tangy orange sauce. The perfect complement to Gingerly Does It.

Tea Infusions Menu


The Tea Infusions menu is exclusive to the roof top. Even though it’s a little pricey at $22 per teacup and $85 per tea set (for up to four pax), I’d recommend that you try and make it before 6:30pm, especially on the weekend, or you may have a hard time getting a seat.