Overwatch Now Available on Mac… Well Kind Of

Right on schedule, Parallels has released the latest iteration of its desktop virtualization software for Macs. Released yearly, the latest version, Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac has launched with two features in particular that should pique the interest of Mac gamers across Asia.

While Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game Overwatch was playable on the previous version, Parallels Desktop 11, there were some performance issues and glitches present such as characters lacking their glorious hairdos. Engineers at Parallels worked with Blizzard’s techies to optimize Parallels Desktop 12 for Overwatch, fixing graphical issues and optimizing game performance.

With Blizzard unlikely to have a Mac version of Overwatch on the cards anytime soon, Parallels Desktop 12 is likely to be the closest possible version to official Mac support one could hope for.
Overwatch support aside, Parallels Desktop 12 also features support for the Windows 10 Xbox app, enabling people to stream and play Xbox games on their Macs.

While support for Overwatch and the Windows 10 Xbox app is a boon for Mac gamers who otherwise might not have access to them, don’t get your hopes up for more customised support for individual games, as Parallels currently has no immediate plans to render support for additional games.

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition and Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition are available today for subscribers and upgraders from Parallels Desktop 10 and 11 (www.parallels.com/upgradedesktop12), and general availability is Aug. 23 online at www.parallels.com/desktop and at local retail and online stores worldwide.

The recommended retail price (RRP) of Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac is S$108.00. Upgrades for existing Parallels Desktop 10 and 11 for Mac perpetual license customers are S$68.00, with an introductory offer to upgrade to a Parallels Desktop Pro Edition subscription for S$68.00 per year for life.

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition and Parallels Desktop Business Edition are available to new customers for US$99.99 per year. Parallels Desktop Pro Edition and Business Edition include a complimentary Parallels Access (www.parallels.com/access) subscription to remotely access up to five Mac or Windows PCs from any device.

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