The Zombies of Zedtown at Zedtown Asia Battle for Singapore

Only 52 Survive Asia’s First-Ever Zombie Survival Game – Zedtown Asia

1,200 Survivors came together - only 52 made it to the end

This Halloween weekend, Over 1,200 Survivors came together to defend Singapore’s shores at Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore, which took place at the National Stadium across two sessions on 26 October 2019.

Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore was the 34th instalment of the immersive Survivor vs. Zombie gaming experience, which has seen thousands battle it out across Australia and America since the game’s inception in 2012.

Like previous Zedtown games, Survivors split into three factions: Red, Blue and Gold. As soon as the game began when the Zombies were released, Survivors sprinted off in all directions in a bid to set up their bases.

During the intense 3-hour battle, Survivors completed various missions and challenges, all while fending off attacks with their NERF blasters, from one another and the Zombie horde.

In the end, only eight and 45 Survivors successfully made it to the final stand at the end of the afternoon and night session respectively, with over 1,100 Survivors switching roles from a Survivor to Zombie after being tagged.

As a member of the Red faction, it was very interesting to see carefully planned strategies get torn to shreds at fight sight of the Zombies – especially when fellow Survivors start sprinting in several directions, not caring (or realizing) that they’ve dropped their precious ammo and magazines that will not only serve them well later on in the game, but probably cost quite a bit outside the game.

“It was so exhilarating that the human race came together to complete various missions and challenges. It was a very well thought through game and I thoroughly enjoyed myself,” exclaimed 38-year-old Chanderni Polo Yeap.

Nur Syafiqah, 21, also remarked: “I had such a fun experience at Zedtown. I didn’t expect it to be so intense where you see some people really put in everything they have into the game – from their outfits, blasters and energy. It was really enjoyable, and I’d highly recommend for people to compete at Zedtown.”

Andrew Garrick, Managing Director and the brains behind Zedtown commented: “This was Asia’s first Zedtown event and it was extraordinary! We can’t wait to come back to the Singapore Sports Hub!”

Zedtown Asia blends storytelling, role play, NERF blasters and cardio (lots of it). Can’t wait for the next one.

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