Omnidesk Launches The Wildwood+ Collection Available In Acacia And Pheasantwood

Omnidesk has introduced The Wildwood+ series, a new lineage to its Wildwood collection that features major proprietary improvements over its previous models.

The debut of the Omnidesk Wildwood+ series showcases several new features that are exclusive to the Wildwood+ series.

All tabletops from the Wildwood+ series are designed with greater durability and strength in mind with tabletops at 1-inch thickness – a 20% increase from the usual offering. The significant increase in thickness also elevates the visual profile of the desk, making it stand out in both form and functionality.

Building upon the overwhelming success of our recent releases, we want to continue to elevate the workspaces of our fans and with the Wildwood+ series, we intend to lift the concept of a workspace to new heights

–  Benjamin Huang, Omnidesk’s Managing Director

OmniStabilizers have been introduced to improve strength and stability. The steel bars are augmented vertically under all Wildwood+ tabletops enhancing strength and stability. It also reduces wobbliness as well as any minute possibility of warping. The number of OmniStabilizers augmented per tabletop varies from size to size – with more added for longer tabletops.

Another innovation, OmniAirStrips are precision cut spacers augmented underneath selected Wildwood+ tabletops. These spacers give the desk enough flexibility and space to proactively counter and naturally expand and contract, without running the risk of stressing other parts of the tabletop.

The Wildwood+ collection has also improved the grommet landing runs the entire width of the grommet cut out which makes the tabletop look that much sleeker.

The Wildwood+ Acacia+ Tabletop

Acacia wood enabled the British Royal Navy to rule the seas. Acacia is not only revered for its inherent toughness but also its natural smooth finish and delicate grain patterns which makes it one of the most valuable timber varieties in the world.

One of the hardest woods in the world, Acacia was the preferred wood for the British Royal Navy throughout the 18th century. Capable of holding fast against cannon shells, Acacia also possesses a naturally occurring wax coat that protects it against unwanted pests. Now an inch thick, the Acacia+ tabletop is as thick as an actual deck plank from an 18th-century British naval vessel.

Starting from $1,249 (Usual Price: $1,479) the Acacia+ tabletop is available in 48”, 60” and 72” respectively.

The Wildwood+ Pheasantwood Tabletop

Pheasantwood or Senna Siamea is a sacred and rare hardwood variety that is highly revered in South-East Asia. Pheasantwood is found deep in the jungles of South-East Asia thriving in the tropical heat of the region. Once hewn, this wood variety is commonly found in the sacred halls and altars across SEA – from giant Buddhist temples in Thailand to home altars in Vietnam.

Pheasantwood is named for its resemblance to the colouration and patterns found on the tail feathers of pheasants, with beautiful and soft streaks across each piece of timber. At its heart, Pheasantwood has a medium and dark shade contrasted with subtle streaks of light brown, resulting in a natural lustre that few timber varieties can match.

Exclusive to Pheasantwood tabletop is the addition of a Live-Edge front. Building on the success of the Omnidesk Ichi collection, each Pheasantwood tabletop is unique by virtue of its naturally occurring patterns which are preserved by our team of artisans at every step – everything from shade to shape.

However, unlike the Omnidesk Ichi collection, potential buyers won’t be required to come down to select their pieces – customers can simply make the purchase from the comfort of their own homes.

Starting from $1,499 (Usual Price: $1,729) the Pheasantwood tabletop is available in 48”, 60” and 72” respectively.