Nothing Stays One Thing Anymore

It is almost impossible for things to remain segmented these days. This is particularly true when it comes to pop culture and entertainment. For example, if a book is very popular, chances are it will be made into a movie. Just look at Gone Girl, The Hunger Games, and everyone’s favourite S&M romance, Fifty Shades of Grey. If a movie suddenly sparks interest in something—like Sherlock Holmes—then TV gets on board with a new show. The lines between books, movies, and TV are blurring all the time now.

Think about superheroes. Every other movie that comes out now seems to feature one of those guys or gals. And if you think they are starting to wane, think again. This Collider article discusses the movies that will be released over the next five years, and it’s no surprise that superheroes have made their way onto TV. While The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D have been on for a couple of years, there are some newer shows getting a lot of buzz, like Jessica Jones and Daredevil. And even more are coming. If feels like TV is starting to resemble the local cinema when it comes to superheroes, you’re not mistaken.

Games have certainly not been left out of the equation when it comes to cross-promotions. There are now tons of superhero games out there, starring the Avengers, Batman, and Wonder Woman, to name just a few. And whatever else is hot will assuredly have its own game. For instance, just this year a whole host of Star Wars games have come out. You can read about the best of them in this Venture Beat article.

Even traditional games are not played so traditionally anymore. Take poker, for example. While it can still be nice to sit around playing with your chums, you don’t even need actual cards anymore. For that matter, you don’t even need chums. Video poker has become very popular over recent years, and no matter what kind you like to play, you can find it available online. Proving that point is Betfair’s platform, which has a number of different takes on the card game. They include Jacks or Better, the always fun Joker Poker, and others that emulate the game in a more video-centric fashion.

Poker is also creeping into other areas, too. Although movies about poker do not usually have much success, a film that came out in the summer of 2015 was very well received. Mississippi Grind is about a down-on-his-luck gambler who starts winning again thanks to a new lucky charm. Though poker is central to the plot, it’s not just a good poker movie, it’s actually a good move period, says this reviewer on The Concourse. Poker will also play a role in an upcoming TV show. Former professional player Douglas Kim is working on Just Dougie, which will be about a pro poker player trying to shift into the entertainment world.

No matter what kind of entertainment you are into these days, chances are you’ll have a variety of choices when it comes to how you can experience it. And you really never know what will be made into a game.

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