Honour As Filmed By Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students

In collaboration with Honour Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies alumni have shot and produced three films about the unsung heroes of Singapore.

The Honour Film initiative commemorates the struggles and sacrifices many people have gone through to build the nation Singapore is today. Most of these sacrifices may have gone unnoticed especially to the youth of Singapore. Thus, with the use of film, this initiative seeks to give a deeper visual reflection on how our heroes have unknowingly made their lives better and also the values that can be learned alongside it.

Lim Siong Guan, the founding chairman of Honour Singapore, said, “Singapore’s future will depend very much on Singaporeans being a people who honour our word by keeping our promises, and who honour each other by regarding one another as worthy of respect. Honour (Singapore) is very happy to support the work of young filmmakers, and I am both impressed and encouraged by how they have been able to imagine the practice of honour in so many different situations in life. It shows their understanding and commitment to build a worthy future for themselves and for Singapore.”

[divider]Ayah by Amelia Sai & Nur Khairah[/divider]

A daughter prepares a birthday surprise for her dad, only to have the surprise spoilt when he is recalled to work as there is a train breakdown. Against the backdrop of increasingly frequent breakdowns, this film explores the nuances of Honour when there are unmet expectations and disappointment within the parent-child relationship.
Said Nur Khairah, “My dad is a SMRT staff, and has been working there for more than 20 years. Growing up, I always admired his dedication to his job. I wrote this film to HONOUR him and people like him who work to keep Singapore moving.”

[divider]Where A Dream Begins by Lena Goh & Liu Tong[/divider]
For the many student athletes who represent Singapore, sporting glory comes at a heavy price as they juggle full-time studies with the demands of competing in the regional or international arena. This short film focuses on a young athlete whose aspirations are driven by sheer grit, gumption and perseverance.
Where A Dream Begins
“To be ambitious, and to work hard despite the pain and obstacles that come your way… This is the spirit of perseverance and passion. This is where an athlete’s dream begins. We wanted to HONOUR their commitment and sacrifice.”

[divider]A Better Life by Eysham Ali & Lucas Chiam[/divider]
This portrait-documentary gives voice to a migrant worker who has been working in Singapore for more than ten years. He shares with us his journey, his perspective on what honour means, and the loneliness behind the smiles. This one voice echoes many others who have walked the same heart-wrenching journey.
A Better Life
“For migrant workers, HONOUR straddles the tension between providing for their family and leaving them behind. These are people who have displaced themselves from their home to build the houses of others all over the world.”