New Features Announced For Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity 3.0 will hit the shelves on 1 September 2015. Infinity has come a long way from it’s initial launch and it seems they’re not done yet. Here are some of the very welcome additions to the franchise:


Toy Box Speedway– start up your engines and burn some rubber  as you race with your favourite Disney, MARVEL and Star Wars characters in the FIRST ever Disney Infinity Speedway across nine-themed tracks such as Marvel’s Knowhere or Gravity Falls and three tournament cups. Choose between three modes: Time Trial, Race mode or Combat mode to see who is the fastest toy in the box.


Toy Box Takeover: Syndrome has stolen Merlin’s magic wand and its up to you to stop him. Enlist the help of your Disney, MARVEL and Star Wars friends to battle across multiple worlds like Marvel’s Upper Manhattan, the Old West and more. its up to you to stop the evil doer before its too late. Complete missions with family and friends through two- player local co-op or four players online.


Flynn’s Arcade: In the arcade you get to challenge other Disney Infinity 3.0  players via multiplayer. There no need to wait for friends to play online as a “lobby style” multiplayer system is now implemented.

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El Capitan: We’re not talking about the latest OS from Apple but the legendary Hollywood theatre. Hang out in the lobby of this iconic theatre or enter inside for access to lots of new content. View episodes of Toy Box TV or check out and download some of the latest and greatest community made toy boxes. (see feature image)


Sidekicks & Farming: Ever wanted your own sidekick to follow you around and worship the ground you walk upon? Well I do… EVERY day. Now that’s a (virtual) reality as you recruit the townspeople help you on adventures or with tasks such as farming. Equip them with gear and improve their stats by feeding them the food and treats they grow. So now Hulk don’t just smash!… He can grow strawberries too… bleah


Forward Compatability: Finally, all charaters from 1.0 and 2.0 will be playable in Infinity 3.0 with all stats and upgrades intact.

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