myFirst Launches All-In-One Smart Watchphone For Your Kids

Singapore’s first children’s tech-focused gadget brand, myFirst has launched its new series of smart tech “watchphone” – myFirst Fone series that comes bundled with an affordable and practical subscription data plan for the junior.

Packed with features developed especially for the best interests of the junior user (aged 4-13), parents can be assured that the watchphone will serve its intended purpose of enabling the child to stay connected with friends and family members at all times.

myFirst Fone series includes myFirst Fone R1, the first fun and innovative Music Smartwatch Phone while myFirst Fone S2 is the Smartwatch Phone with care call functions, exclusively designed for the next-gen kids.

As an all-in-one smart watchphone equipped with a 2-megalpixel inbuilt camera (one of the highest in the market), clock/alarm, GPS, fitness tracker and music playlist, myFirst Fone is a one smart tech watchphone gadget every child needs – to stay connected.

Besides being a functional smart tech watchphone, myFirst’s watchphones also keeps the user safe digitally and physically. It uses three types of location positioning methods to provide the most accurate coordinates to parents.

It uses GPS, by detecting the satellite and triangulates the location, WIFI indoor positioning, powered by Google, and also Location-Based Service tracking by Cell Tower.

This gives parents the ability to track their kids most precisely and conveniently regardless if the child is being indoors or outdoors. Another added safety feature includes the “safe zone” called Geo-Fencing where parents can set up safety zones where the child is allowed to travel in.



And if the child user is lost, they can also send distress signals through an integrated SOS button. Once activated, parents will receive an emergency location alert with a 30s live recording of surrounding sounds. Which can be extremely helpful if your child is in danger.

It also comes with a classroom mode where the watchphone will work just like a regular watch during school hours by having certain functions such as phone calling and texting locked, but the SOS button can still be triggered during this period.

This can be customized by the parents via the myFirst Fone mobile application to ensure that children can focus in class and the watchphone will not be a distraction to them.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Suitable for children aged between 4 – 13 years old, myFirst Fone R1 comes in three fun colours to match a child’s personality.

The S2 is a square face watchphone that comes in three colours – Blue, Black, and Pink,

Choose from Space Grey, Lavender Purple, or Macaw Blue at a recommended retail price of S$229 each without the data subscription plan.

You can however get the R1 watchphone for FREE when you get the R-Plan subscription plan at a flat rate of only S$28/month for a year!

S2 is a square face watchphone that comes in three colours – Blue, Black, and Pink, at a recommended price of S$179 each without the data subscription plan.

The S2 watchphone comes FREE when you sign up for the S-Plan subscription plan at S$25/month for a year.

To top it off, these attractively priced monthly subscription bundles is one of the best cost savings value plans for the junior without having to restrict their usage! The junior users will be thrilled to know that they can enjoy unlimited benefits such as unlimited Caller ID, Data, Voice, and Video Calls at an amazingly affordable monthly flat-rate!

The first 1,000 subscribers, they will be able to enjoy S$5 off monthly for 12 months, using the promo code STAYCONNECTED!

For the purchase of the subscription plan, please check out