MTV’s Usavich Breaks Into Hong Kong For the First Time This Easter with LCX!

MTV’s Usavich, a slapstick CG animated comedy about Putin and Kirenenko, is as addictive as it is loveable. Easter will never be the same again as the two rabbits are expected to break into Hong Kong for the first time and land in LCX!

From 11 March to 12 April 2015, shoppers who come to LCX, Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle hub in Tsim Sha Tsui, located on the 3rd floor of Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, can discover all about the two loveable rabbits, who met in a Russian prison.

Shoppers can get into a different kind of Easter mood with the quirky pair of rabbits through the following:

  • An Usavich exhibit that showcases scenes of their life in jail and their prison break adventures;
  • A chance to meet Putin and Kirenenko;
  • Imitate Putin and Kirenenko’s “kozachok dance” at LCX and stand a chance to win Easter gifts
  • Shop for a variety of Usavich merchandise;
  • Collect exclusive Usavich Money Bank for free when shoppers spend HK$2,500 (maximum 2 pieces same-day receipts) in LCX.

A former mafia boss on death-row, Kirenenko wears a red-and-white striped prison uniform, with a prison number 04 and a safety-pin stuck through his left ear. He collects sneakers and is generally oblivious to the world around him while he reads his magazine advertising sneakers; caring for nothing but his sneakers.

Putin wears a green-and-white striped prison uniform with a prison number 541. His ears are tied together on top of his head. A good-natured character, he was thrown in jail for three years after missing a day of work due to a hangover. He enjoys life in prison with its free food and is a master of cooking. He also likes to dance kozachok (a folk dance from Ukraine) on his bed.

One day Kirenenko attempts a jail break. Putin is mistaken for one of the gang and is compelled to escape from jail with Kirenenko and try to avert from the police every day.

The popular Japanese original short animation series created by Mr Satoshi Tomioka of KANABAN GRAPHICS, was first developed as digital content for MTV Japan in 2006. Since then, Usavich has rolled out five seasons, chronicling first their lives together in prison in Season 1, their thrilling jail break and their wild adventures on the run in Season 2, then driving into town to try to get the sneakers at the department store run by the mob in Season 3, before settling into a new life outside the prison bars from Season 4.