MTV Canvas – Your Videos on Air, on MTV!

MTV International, which spans 160+ countries and territories and 32 languages, has evolved from “I want my MTV” to “I am my MTV.”

From 1 September in Southeast Asia, the network began celebrating its audience’s talent by spotlighting their social media videos between programming on-air and across all platforms with #MTVbump – the first of many ways MTV will open up the brand to young people.

MTV “Art Breaks” will bring new video art to audiences worldwide, and even MTV’s promos will take on a new look and feel. Experimenting with narrative structures and visual storytelling, they will be shorter, louder and hyper-visual.


And now, enter MTV CANVAS – Created with To.Be, Canvas is an online tool that gives the audience freedom to create and play with the brand and pop culture, making their own visual art with music, backdrops and more. The pre-loaded content will be refreshed on an ongoing basis, starting with MTV EMA-themed assets.

Found on MTVbump.com, users can share the Canvas video spots they’ve created on Facebook or Twitter, and submit them to run on-air on MTV’s international channels. Videos that have been selected to run on-air will also be featured alongside #MTVBump content on the site. All spots will give credit where due, featuring users’ social media handle.

Instagram videos must be 15 seconds long and should be as creative, weird and wonderful as you like. Think party tricks, cat videos, your breakfast, parkour, playing the trombone – whatever you’re feeling, you submit.

You need to ensure there is sound in your Instagram video, but avoid copyrighted music that is not yours in the background. And remember to include hashtags #MTVBump and #MTVAsia. Visit www.mtvbump.com to view videos that have already been shared around the world, and to check out a full list of the dos and don’ts for getting your work on MTV.

Oh, and another thing – your social media handle will be shown with your video, so you’ll probably get some new followers along the way, too.