Misprision – a Chat with Shafie M. Haja – Director of Alterity Productions’ latest Comedic Play

Misprision, the latest offering from Alterity Productions – written by Geraldine Song, directed by Shafie M. Haja and produced by Faizzah Azmi – bills itself as a comedy for those afflicted with an anxiety of comedy.

We got the chance to catch up with Shafie (Director) to find more about the play, the cast and what the audience can expect.The effervescent cast also features Sofia Begum, Khatijah Begum, Willy Beh, James Kumar, Vinay Kumar, Dianah Song, Vemalan Elangovan Penny, Abdul Halim, Ho Jiaxuan and Brandon John Jacob.

Misprision plays at the Play Den @ Arts House from 13-15 February, 8pm.

Get your tickets at Bytes.sg or visit Alterity Productions on FB for more information.


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