Minidesk May Be Compact, But it is Mighty

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Sturdy build
Modern design
Safety features
Great value
Heavy. Get castors if you need mobility.

Premium standing desk company Omnidesk may have shrunk the physical size of their offerings and launched Minidesk but retained the brand’s trusted quality.

Before, you got a table and you were stuck with it. It might have looked like a good table, but it might not have necessarily been good for you. As we started to spend more time on computers for work, play and study, we started to invest in gadgets to make ourselves more comfortable.

Lower back pain, shoulder and neck strain and the threat of carpal tunnel syndrome were things that we actively started to protect ourselves again with seat risers, cushions, gel pads and the lot. Now, we have better options, and we can stave off these nuisances as we continue to be desk-bound at an even younger age.

The Minidesk by Omnidesk is the world’s first height-adjustable electric kids desk designed to grow together with your mini-yous, providing them with perfect posture at every phase of their childhood.

I remember adjustable European table systems that used to provide ergonomic benefits for children. You could angle the tables and adjust them as your child grew. However, they were manual, costly and came with a limited lifespan – I’ll explain more in a bit.

The Minidesk is a smaller, compact version of the Omnidesk measuring at 100cm (length) by 60 cm (width) and comes in three colour choices for its tabletops – white, blue and pink.

The powder-coated table tops are solid and sturdy. They are also non-toxic, Formaldehyde and Volatile-Organic-Compound (VOC) free. This is especially important if your little ones, or you, for that matter, are prone to allergic reactions, have sensitive eyes and nose, or have asthma.

The electric height-adjustable desk can “grow” up to a maximum height of 110cm from 54cm, which can accommodate a child in kindergarten to a grown adult. Standing at 170cm tall myself, the Minidesk at its maximum height was too tall for me to use as a standing desk, let alone a child.


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The controls, that are installed flush into the tabletop, are intuitive and very easy to use. The control panel’s LED feature The LED dim after 10 secs of idle, conserving energy while preventing it from becoming a distraction.

The Minidesk’s Anti-Collision system works extremely well and you can rest assured that the desk won’t hurt your little one if the desk is lowered too much. A slight touch is enough to make the desk stop its descent and avoid any unforeseen injury.


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Its legs are stable and mighty indeed able to lift up to 130kg and there was hardly a wobble when placed on different surfaces – tiles, parquet and laminate.

In addition to the Minidesk, you have the option to bundle the new Melody height adjustable ergonomic chair. Unlike the Minidesk, the Melody is manual and not electric powered, but you can easily adjust the backrest height between 70-88cm, and the seat height from 27-48cm, allowing you to get the perfect seat. Lock it in and adjust the height of the Minidesk to get the perfect combo.

The Melody is a height-adjustable ergonomic chair with lumbar support.

The design of the Melody reminds me of the ergonomic chairs I’ve seen in modern medical centres and clinics. There’s a nylon footplate for storage and gravity lock castors that you can switch to lock in place when there’s someone sitting on it.

The cushions are firm, yet comfortable providing good support and come with removable and washable covers. All in all a great complement to the Minidesk.

There are plenty of accessories available from both Omnidesk and Minidesk to complete as customize the desk as you want – from the Hestia and Hera desk organizers to the Spark desk lamp.

One thing to note about the Minidiesk is that while it might be compact, it is heavy. It is not a piece of furniture that you can easily move around. If you’re like me and keep moving furniture around Minidesk also offers castors at SGD 49 that will make your desk mobile.

I mentioned earlier that the other ergonomic tables I’ve seen have a limited lifespan- the Minidesk doesn’t. The lifespan of a children’s table is more than the structural, functional features of the desk. The aesthetics are just as, if not more important when it comes to longevity.

The Minidesk easily accomplishes growing with your child’s height with its electronic legs. Due to its modern design, it will also be able to grow with your child’s preferences and tastes when it comes to fashion and design. The one year difference between a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old might not mean much in numbers, but that’s the difference between having a child in Primary School, or in Secondary School.

That change in “status” will see a change in tastes. While the blue and pink table tops have a child-like, whimsical feel about them, the Minidesk’s white tabletop can stand the test of time… and puberty. In fact, any adult with limited space can consider purchasing this as well.

The Minidesk is a great upgrade for your child, or even yourself. Its design, build, features and up to 7-year warranty (with promotion) can truly stand the test of time.

The electronic Minidesk is available in blue, pink and white at the launch promotional price of SGD 689 (MSRP. SGD 909) – cheaper than most manual ergonomic desks.

The Melody is only available as part of a bundle with the desk and not available for purchase separately. The Melody can be purchased at SGD 199 with any Minidesk.