Mini-LED – New Entertainment Experience from Philips TVs Now in Singapore

The latest Mini-LED technology is now available in Singapore through the Philips 9500 series – engineered to deliver brighter and sharper image quality with eye-comforting features that will take your TV viewing experience to the next level. TP Vision has brought this revolutionary technology to the residents of Singapore at affordable price points.

Almost everyone has a smart TV in their home due to the rapid changes in TV viewing technology and the integration of different devices with the internet. So what makes the Mini-LED tech so special? To understand this, we need to understand what the technology is first:

What is Mini LED?

Mini-LEDs are a lot smaller than the regular LEDs that power up the standard LCD screens. These ensure a brighter, sharper image with deeper blacks as compared to their regular-sized counterparts. Naturally, the TV screens are able to accommodate more of these as compared to the regular-sized diodes, which further improves the picture quality.

In the case of the Philips 9500 Smart TV Series, this performance and picture quality is boosted by 4-sided Ambilight technology which includes intelligent LED’s on the side panels of the TV which change and emits light according to the mood of the content and this light then extends to the room – making TV viewing and entirely captivating and immersive experience.

Manufacturers are now focusing on the local dimming of specific LEDs to increase the dimmed zones and enhance the contrast of colours on the screen. While normal LED TVs have a maxim of 384 dimming zones, a Philips 9500 Series Smart TV has over 1000 dimming zones.

This means there is more control on the imaging with smaller dimming zones which ensure deeper colours and a much better picture quality altogether.


Personalised Sound Quality

Philips has taken the concept of personalised sound to the very next level. You can take a short test by creating your own hearing ID and using an Android or iOS device that can be synced to the TV set via a pre-set QR code. This Mimi sound personalization element allows you to set the sound according to your specific hearing preferences which makes the gaming or TV viewing experience most enjoyable.

Philips has partnered with Bowers and Wilkins. The series has an exclusive speaker design that delivers high quality sound. The speakers come with Dolby Atmos Elevation with the unique Tweeter on Top technology.

The DTS Play-Fi system allows the TV to integrate seamlessly with any supporting sound device and allows you to create a surround sound system

Eye Protection

While we are on the subject of great picture quality, Philips has added their eye comfort feature to this smart TV series, making it super comfortable on your eyes. Blue light is minimised to non-harmful levels with no flare. This enables you to watch TV or indulge in gaming for longer hours without straining your eyes.


Gaming Features Like Never Before

Are you an avid gamer? This TV series was built for gamers. It features a 120Hz native display panel and supports technologies such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). It comes with AMD FreeSync Premium technology and boasts the latest HDMI 2.1 connectivity and its Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which automatically switches to ultra-low latency settings when you start gaming, to support high-speed action games. This allows players to enjoy a lag-free and smooth experience.


In today’s world, a smart TV without voice control is a big no for consumers. The Philips Mini-LED smart TV series comes with voice control which allows you to tell your TV what you want it to do. Push a button on the remote and talk with the Google Assistant and make it start a game, an app or any TV show of your choice within seconds. Google Assistant can also control all compatible smart home devices like your lights or window blinds and you can use Alexa to control the TV too!

The Philips Mini-LED 9500 Smart TV series comes at an affordable price point and is designed to be a power-packed viewing device with the latest technology in the TV viewing, gaming and sound industry. This TV series is made to offer something for every kind of user and is a complete home-entertainment system.