Mexout: Good Mexican Food At A Great Price

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Great tacos
Good Burritos
Great drink deals
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As a true red white and green Mexican I’m always looking for a good Mexican restaurant. A good restaurant is always changing, growing and adapting. What sets a long standing restaurant, from an overnight flyby restaurant is its ability to adapt and evolve. I recently had the chance to try the food at Mexout, and I have to say it has evolved.

I first tried their food when they opened 3 years ago and hated the experience. I felt that the food was over priced and bad as well. There can’t be a worse combo than that – other than one that sets you up with a delimitating illness… Thankfully I gave them a second chance, and it was a totally different experience.

A typical 'industrial-styled' interior
A typical ‘industrial-styled’ interior

I started off by trying their Carne Asada – a thinly sliced skirt steak smothered in a chili jam served in a small dish. The skirt steak was nice and juicy and the chili jam gave a little bit of a spice that didn’t overwhelm but complimented it nicely. Its perfect as a small snack while sipping on a Carona (for the lack of a better beer).

If you’re a fan of the Chipotle style Mexican food, your in for a treat. Mexout follows their formulas as far as creating your own burrito, taco, or rice/salad bowl. After the small starter, I decided to go straight for the good stuff – tacos!

Now I look for a lot in a taco. It has to have 4 things: fresh tortillas, fresh vegetables, well prepared and cooked meat, as well as a good salsa. I started with the fish tacos. Now for a fish taco to be good, the fish cant be overly fried as it becomes dry, or too soft as the oil makes it soggy.

I have to say that their fish was fresh (they use snapper fish), soft, nice and flaky. It was deep fried just the right way allowing the fish to stay soft inside while having a nice crunchy layer on top. It’s served with nice chipotle aole on top which gives it a nice sweet flavour. Personally I prefer my tacos with a nice spicy salsa, but the chipotle aole was a nice twist.

Mexout Fish Taco

Next I tried a taco with the beef Barbacoa. The Barbacoa is lightly marinated in the meat’s juices which makes the meat sweet, soft and easily pulls apart. I had it with the pico de gallo slasa which is a nice mild salsa made with fresh tasting vegetables. The tomato’s in the pico de gallo were nice and sweet which makes for a nice garish.

The last taco I tried was the carne asada. My biggest issue with “Mexican” restaurants is when they claim they use skirt steak, but they actually use ground beef. Its not only false advertising but an outright crime.

Thankfully, Mexout uses actual skirt steak which is as juicy as it is soft. If you’re a fan of carne asada theirs is a must try. However it was paired with the mango salsa, which was a mistake for me. The mango salsa is too sweet for my taste and the carne asada would have gone better with a nice spicy salsa. I have never been a fan of sweet salsa myself. Call me traditional, but salsa is meant to be spicy.

Mexout Taco

I ended the meal with two different kinds of burritos. I tried both the pulled pork as well as the chicken. Their burritos are jammed pack full of beans, rice, lettuce, salsa and meat. The shredded pork was ok – good but doesn’t stand out in any way.

It’s a good choice if you’re not a beef eater, but the carne asada and fish is a much better choice. The good thing about the burritos was the salsa (see how it can make a difference). I went with the salsa picante and am glad I did. It was spicy and had a nice hint of lime which wasn’t over bearing and added nice flavor that pairs well.

I just love a good salsa that isn’t overly spicy but adds a real flavor and kick to food – it’s all about balance. It’s what Mexican foods all about. You can’t call yourself a Mexican restaurant and not have a good spicy salsa.

The only real let down for me in the whole meal was the chicken burrito. Chicken in general is a tough meat to prepare. If its not prepared properly, the meat can come out dry and tasteless. Unfortunately, the chicken just didn’t have any substance to it. I’m hoping that Mexout continues to evolve and finds a better recipe for their chicken.

There is one honorary mention that needs to be pointed out – their prices. Mexican food in Asia, let alone Singapore, can be extremely expensive and often turns people off the idea of trying it due to price.

Mexout’s prices are one of the best things about them. Three tacos or a large burrito for only $12.90 is a great deal. And they have AMAZING drink specials. With Coronas at $6 a bottle or a bucket of 5 for $25 (yes that’s right, a Carona at only $5, you’re welcome), you really can’t get a better deal in town.

I’m planning on going back just for the drink specials alone. If you’re a hardcore Mexican food enthusiast, or just looking to try something new, Mexout is the place to go to. Tell them Juan Pablo (no it doesn’t entitle you to a discount, it just gives me a warm fuzzy sensation) sent you and have a Carona.