Maximise your workout with SLIMWALK’s line of compression leggings

At a recent experience event held at Fitstop Holland Village, Japanese brand SLIMWALK showcased their line of compression leggings designed to increase the efficiency of your workout and accelerate calorie burn.

The range features a progressive stage pressure design that offers different levels of compression for a more “comfortable” distribution of pressure to relieve leg fatigue and soreness.

Compared to men, women are more prone to edema (fluid retention), due to differences in muscle strength and hormone secretion.

In addition, the venous return power (rate of blood flow back to the heart) of most women is lower than that of men, which is more likely to cause edema and soreness in their legs, especially if they sit or stand all day, or wear uncomfortable footwear like high heels.

This is particularly prominent in people who sit and stand for long periods, and especially prominent with most of us taking public transportation.

SLIMWALK is based on the stage pressure design of medical elastic stockings. It not only feels good, but looks cool, with designs that are suitable for daily life.

Its progressive stage pressure design, where the pressure gradually decreases from the ankle to the thigh, promotes contraction of leg muscles and improves blood circulation in the legs

The pressure also has the ability to expel excess fluid accumulated in the legs, improving edema and relieving fatigue.

Long-term use can purportedly even result in slimmer legs.

Notably, all SLIMWALK products are made in Japan and undergo stringent quality controls to ensure finished products are up to standard.



During the event, Fitstop Holland Village’s experienced trainers shared their insights into the benefits of SLIMWALK’s activewear line. According to Jamie, one of Fitstop’s trainers, wearing compression leggings can help to “relieve muscle strain” when completing strenuous workouts that require significant movements like cardio sessions.

Its “resistance design” allows for increased efficiency and calorie burn during a workout, improving your overall performance. The material is also said to be stretchable and comfortable, remaining in place for the entirety of a workout session.

SLIMWALK’s range of compression leggings isn’t limited to the gym. According to the brand, its forDaytime” and “forRelaxtime” Series are suitable for various occasions including exercise, everyday wear, and post-recovery after a workout.

Its “forDaytime” range includes a U-shaped design that has a hip lift and thigh tightening effect. This versatility makes them an ideal addition to your activewear collection, whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands.

Customers can enjoy a 20% discount for all SLIMWALK products till end of September available for purchase at Welcia, AscenShoppe, Lazada, and Shopee.