Matchbox Twenty Rocks Singapore

It’s not often that you get to re-visit your teenage memories. On 10 Nov 2013, I got to do just that with hundreds of other Matchbox Twenty fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

This is the bands first concert in Singapore and from the get-go you could feel that Rob Thomas and Co. were up for it when started up with ‘Parade’ from their latest album North.

Song after song they played for 2 hours entertaining the crowd to no end. The stage presence and showmanship oozed off stage only to further highlight that this was a tight-knit bunch. A band that has been together since 1995 – 18 years!

No matter what happens, we can never get tonight back. Tonight is between you and us….. Let us be your house band – Rob Thomas in Singapore

The band moved through favourites such as “When you’re gone’, ‘Mad Season’, ‘Push’, ‘Downfall’, ‘Disease’ and new numbers like ‘She’s so mean’.

Thomas was close to his best on vocals, Paul ‘The Reverend’ Doucette – who I have a newfound respect for – was full with energy on guitars and percussion, Brian Yale just feeling the music with his bass and Kyle Cook strutting across the stage on lead guitars.

Frankly, I was wondering the kind of turnout to expect – an older crowd probably. But I was quite surprised to see a good mix with sporadic groups of teenagers and early-tweens in the queue with their ‘North’ Matchbox Twenty T-shirts singing along and crying out for a rendition of ‘Overjoyed’ – a single from the ‘North’ album.

Well if there’s anything to be said – Matchbox Twenty still have it in them to throw a party and judging by the new breed of fans could have a couple more albums in them yet – at least I hope so.