Masters of the Universe Review

Masters of the Universe is a Bold Take on a Classic


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Nice and easy entry point to an otherwise long running franchise.
Streamlined and interesting/ unique story and plot.
Epic cast: Cersei Lannister, Mon-El, Luke Skywalker, Buffy, Davos Seaworth and God.
Good script and animation with the right amount of action to boot.
So. many. puns!
Not enough He-Man if that’s what you came looking for.
Could have been one or two episodes longer.
So.. many.. puns...

If you’re looking for a traditional He-Man versus Skeletor scene, look elsewhere because the both of them are dusted in the first episode of Netflix’s Masters of the Universe itself. We do see them again later on in the five episode series, but much of the story focuses on Teela’s journey post He-Man’s death.

With a clean slate that deviates away from the typical He-Man storyline which mainly focused on him time and again saving Eternia and defending Castle Grayskull from the forces of Snake Mountain, we take a break from all of that and explore a world post magic in Eternia whilst following Teela and how she has had to cope with her loss.

It would not have been easy for the Captain of the Royal Guard to find out that Prince Adam was He-Man, someone she had constantly allied with for the longest part of her career. The sense of betrayal from her peers coupled with the fact that she’d been lied to all this while, understandably led to her leaving the palace of Eternos and to forge her own path away from her previous life.

Teela puts her skills and rebrands herself as a mercenary instead in the new Eternia, one void of magic and He-Man. It is in this line that she finds a new partner, Andra, a tech savvy young lady who can also hold her own in the dangerous battles and situations the pair often find themselves in.

No Masters of the Universe plot can go on for too long without bringing back popular heroes and villains, and it is along her journey that we see surprise alliances being formed for the greater good of Eternia. There is no good and evil when everyone is working towards a common goal, and the journey of certain characters we once thought evil might make us think again. Magic must be brought back to the land to avoid the ultimate and eventual demise of the universe itself.

We also spend some time with the past champions of Castle Grayskull, including the OG King Grayskull himself. So for those of you looking for a trip down memory lane, you’ll be sure to get one during a particular episode.

He-Man does return at the end of the series, although I personally would have preferred if he stayed in Eternia Heaven, allowing Teela to be the new champion. But I guess some things can’t and won’t be changed. Part I ends with our heroes of Eternia back together after a long break and some soul searching with Skeletor restored to UNLIMITED POWER!

Part II will most likely pick up on a more traditional storytelling format of Good against Evil and wrestling for the power of the universe, except this time around, it is the good guys who have an uphill battle!

Overall as someone who hasn’t had much exposure to the He-Man franchise, this was a great way to introduce me to the universe. Even for hardcore fans, they’ll get to see a different angle of their beloved Eternia with the expectation that the story comes full circle in the preceding seasons.

The story and script were enjoyable, and the animation was perfectly suited–worth a watch for anyone who is remotely interested in the genre. At five episodes, it is also easily bingeable within a day or so!

Masters of the Universe is out now on Netflix!