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Masters of the Universe: Revelation Lives Up To Its Name!

We have the POWER... of SPOILERS. So beware!

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Truly reveals a whole lot about the characters and the universe as a whole
Wraps up nicely with an open ending to more menacing villains
Finally no more cheesy puns!
The seemingly irreversible deaths of some beloved characters
The lack of cheesy puns...

Kevin Smith and co. have given us the remaining 5 episodes to conclude the Masters of the Universe: Revelation series and it truly did reveal the truths about certain characters and the universe itself.

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The series picks up where it left off, with Skeletor wielding the Power of Grayskull along with the Sword of Power and to no one’s surprise, he’s trying to kill Adam, Cringer, Teela, Andra and Man-At-Arms who all were in the fight from the previous episode. We also get a glimpse into Teela’s past which reveals her mystical heritage.

In the next episode, when Adam calls down the power of Grayskull without the Sword as a conduit, we get to see a MotU version of What If…? He-Man was The Hulk (not the smart type). But as we all know, there is nothing stronger than family in this universe or in any other, and with some help and heart tugging moments with his father, The King, he reverts back to his normal self.

We get to see Evil-Lyn’s past and as we do, we learn why she’s turned out this way and how she came into the service of Skeletor. She finally realises that Skeletor isn’t really in love with her and has been using her all along and decides to take the Power for herself.

As Evil-Lyn transcends to God-Lyn, she taps into the true power of Grayskull, revealing to us the truths and secrets of the universe itself! Not surprisingly she decides the best course of action is the elimination of the universe itself, something I can relate with given the state of humanity (guess I’ll be considered a villain if I ever get powers).

Alas, a good Masters of the Universe story does not go down without a fight and we do get an epic battle to end off the series, with characters getting the upgrades they very much needed. We get to see Orko back in action for a short but purposeful time, but sadly we do say a permanent goodbye to some characters in the end, because what is a battle without it’s losses.

Spoiler alert! The good guys save the day at the end of the series, which I guess isn’t really a spoiler unless they intended to end the franchise as a whole, but we do get an interesting ending that leaves the door wide open for new dangers and adventures!