Mash – Tempest And Aftershock PC Launch Custom Keyboard Experience Centre And E-Store

Mash – a brand-new venture born from a partnership between Singapore keyboard company Tempest and Custom PC brand Aftershock PC, launches its custom keyboard e-store and physical Experience Centre.

Co-founded by veteran keyboard enthusiasts Issac Yuen and Ben Hui from Tempest, Mash’s mission is to deliver a one-stop custom keyboard experience in Singapore for users of all skill and interest levels.

Through its unique experiential showroom, Mash aims to make enthusiast-grade custom keyboards easily accessible and understandable to the everyman.


“As a team of keyboard and PC enthusiasts, we’ve taken a close look at how users get introduced to the world of custom keyboards locally and we believe there is huge room to make the process far more intuitive, interactive, convenient and accessible to all,” said Issac Yuen.

Mash’s online presence lives in Mash.sg, a one-stop e-store for all things custom keyboard. Stocking the most exotic and sought-after keyboard components across the world, the site features a full ecosystem of brands both niche and mainstream: from the extremely popular Glorious barebone keyboards to limited-edition keycaps and stabilisers.

To cater to the rising demand and interest in this hobby, Mash is committed to raising the bar by keeping its products readily available, unlike the standard limited-run seasons common in the industry.


“Mash is founded on the idea that custom keyboards should be accessible, and a huge part of that is keeping the parts we stock constantly available,” adds Ben Hui. “Hobbyists, and particularly beginners, should never need to wait weeks to months for components to come back into stock.”

“To this end, our warehouse already keeps over 3,000 components in stock, and we look to expand this as Mash grows.”


Mash’s unique direction and focus on a deeply personal custom keyboard experience culminates in the Mash Experience Centre. Located within the Aftershock Endgame experiential centre, the space is designed to allow customers to experience hundreds of combinations of mechanical switches, keycaps, frames, and other enthusiast components at a single location.

This allows customers to fully appreciate the specific tactile feedback or aesthetic that appeals to them, taking the guesswork out of a process where customers often had to purchase switch testers or buy components based only on published information.

Bringing the custom keyboard journey even further, the Centre features an assembly zone where users can put together their own keyboards with the help of experts from Tempest – a service that is the first of its offering locally.

The Mash Experience Centre is located at B Central, 994 Bendemeer Road, #05-07, Singapore 339943.