The 501st Legion During Star Wars Day

Marvel’s Star Wars #1 launch in Singapore – Building a Community.

Atom Comics celebrated the return of Star Wars to Marvel Comics Singapore-style with an ‘open-to-public’ event at The Cathay featuring deals on the newly launched Star Wars #1 comic and other merchandise, a X-Wing tournament and an appearance by the 501st legion, FightSaber and Cathar Outpost.

Fans and new converts alike were treated to a great show to commemorate the return, of probably the greatest space adventure ever–Star Wars, back to Marvel comics. The comic book itself was sold at a cent-for-cent conversion of its cover price at only S$4.99–which sold out in a couple of hours!

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The Cathay itself was declared neutral territory as Storm Troopers, Imperial Soldiers, Rebels ad Jedi’s from Singapore’s 501st Legion, FightSaber and Cathar Outpost gathered to add to the atmosphere by taking photos and putting on lightsaber battles for one and all.

Although a grudging truce was declared between the sides, it didn’t stop the atrium from being converted into another battleground–for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniature game where contestants put their tactics and maneuvers to the test for a chance to win the Grand prize (a GR-75 Rebel Transport, a VT-49 Decimator, a Millennium Falcon deck box, 2 packs of acrylic stealth tokens, an extended art Han Solo card and a Championship Medal)…. presented by none other than Darth Vader himself.

Ruben Lee fought off the competition to emerge victorious with his Imperial fleet, another Imperial, Aaron Wong wasn’t far behind as the 1st runner-up. Rebel, Soh Zi Yuan placed 3rd, while the youngest participant at 11-years, Rebel Ayden Lee came in 4th.

And what’s an event without food? The good people from Fat Boys provided free sliders for everyone–hungry soldiers are angry soldiers and the burgers went a long way to ensure there weren’t any ‘misfires’.

“The idea behind the launch was to get people to read comics, and to read the new Star Wars comics that are coming in. And also to build the community that we’ve always wanted to build. A new community of readers, a new community of (comic) fans and a new community of Star Wars fans as well,” said Bruce Doral-Boudville, Owner of Atom Comics.

The Marvel’s Star Wars #1 launch was organised by Atom Comics, in partnership with Games at PI, Fat Boys The Burger Bar and justsaying.asia.

More pictures are available at the justsaying.asia Facebook page.