Marvel Mutants that need more screen time

7 Marvel Mutants who need MORE Screen Time

Now just to let everyone know, I am a HUGE X-MEN FAN! People who know me, know that Bruce is the X-men guy. I grew up with them as a child, from the Jim Lee days to the 1990’s cartoon (cue theme song) all the way to Bendis’ amazing run on his All-New X-Men. Now you can imagine my MAJOR disappointment when some of the X-men shows just couldn’t make the cut. I mean shutting up Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins? Killing Cyclops off in X-Men 3? Gambit’s 10 minute hype??

These were just some of the mutants that had so much potential to draw a good crowd in but in the end got (mutant) massacred instead. So this list, is the top 7 mutants that need MORE screen time.

Maverick aka Agent Zero

Now not many people know this mutant, but its perfectly understandable because he really wasn’t in the scene much. But when he was, he was surely a force to be reckoned with. Cristoph Nord possessed the ability to absorb kinetic energy with no harm to himself. Being in the Weapon X Program and in the Legacy Virus Story Arc, this character had so much potential. It was strange to see him have a short role in the Wolverine: Origins film – you guys might remember him better as the Asian guy killed in the helicopter!


Who doesn’t know about the big fat mutant named Blob? Infamous for his huge fat size and ugly obesity, this mutant was played in Wolverine: Origins by actor Kevin Durand who did justice to BLOB. Over hype and lazy writing just made this character B-Grade. Now for those who don’t know, Blob not only possessing super human strength, endurance and resistance to physical injuries, he has his own personal mono-directional gravity field that makes himself virtually immovable as long as he’s was in contact with the ground. Although an incredible force can uproot him – along with a chunk of whatever he is standing on.


Daughter of a mutant named Banshee (who you saw in X-Men First Class), Siryn posses the same unique ability. Now for those who don’t remember her on screen, she was in X-Men 2 where a couple of mercenaries walked into her room and she wakes up screaming, deafening everyone in the mansion. Now why does she need more screen time you ask? Because she is pretty cool, and right now, the cinema world needs more strong female characters I think.

Multiple Man

With the ability to create duplicates of himself when getting attacked or punched, Jamie Maddox aka the Multiple Man is an army to be reckoned with. Eric Dane (you might remember him from Grey’s Anatomy as McSteamy) played the role pretty well but wasn’t given enough screen time to shine. With a guy who could personally create his own one-(multiple) man- army, he could have the potential to show all the different sides of his characters. Hes like an onion, layered characters with so much potential, that’s what a X-Men show needs.

Silver Samurai

A robot…….really? Now first introduced in a Daredevil comic, the Silver Samurai was a pain to Wolverine and the X-men most of the time. Kenuichio Harada had the mutant ability to generate a tachyon field. He commonly used his power on his sword enabling it to cut through EVERYTHING. Now many of you might not know, but he has links to HYDRA as well. I would love to see the REAL Silver Samurai vs Captain America!

Did you know that Silver Samurai was one of the original members of Big Hero 6?


Yes, yes, yes, we all know that Channing Tatum might be leading this role – I’m not complaining. But Taylor Kirsch was pretty amazing. But again, NOT ENOUGH SCREEN TIME. Gambit was cool with his trench coat, exploding cards and Cajun accent. He had the potential to even steal the show if he had more screen time. Lets face it, even if we don’t like the character in the comics, this guy could really make an impact… literally.


THE BIG STEEL GUY! Massive in size and potential. He had 30 Minutes altogether in both the shows he was in. Seriously, 30 minutes. The guy was one of biggest things to hit the X-men comics. First Appearing in the Giant Size X-Men comic, he was loved by his team mates and just was an amazing person. Now what X-men movies are missing these days are a couple of the softer moments which Colossus can provide… just don’t make it TOO TWILIGHT!
Agree or disagree… who do you think needs more screen time?
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