It’s High Noon in the Warzones in Marvel’s 1872!

Since Neil Gaiman’s fantastic limited series Marvel 1602, no other alternate take on the expansive universe displaced in time has been anywhere near as engaging… just ask the X-Men.

But Marvel is set to correct this with their upcoming 1872, smack in the middle of the already crowded Secret Wars event!

Welcome to the small frontier town of Timely. Among the grit and the gristle of everyday life, corruption runs rampant in this tiny settlement. Local Sheriff Steve Rogers is out to clean up his town – but casino owner Wilson Fisk has other ideas! But when a mysterious stranger comes to town from parts unknown, everything in Timely is about to change – for anyone left standing, that is! Who is this mysterious Red Wolf and what business does he have in Timely?

Find out this July, as 1872 #1 explodes into comic shops and on to digital devices. Saddle up, True Believer, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Nik Virella
Cover by Alex Maleev
Variant Covers by Evan Shaner and Skottie Young
On Sale 1st July!

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