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Mark of the Dragon Soft Launched!

MMO Castle building strategy games have taken the Free to Play mobile games by storm. It was inevitable that games in this genre will flood iTunes and Google Play and each game tries to standout with its own features and nuances. Using dragons to attack castles may not be something new in this genre, but you know one thing that could make it even more awesome? Riding one!

Mark of the Dragon (MOTD) is the latest title from Korea’s premier mobile publisher, Gamevil. The title may seem like a run of the mill castle building game out there, but spend five minutes in it and the game will show you the features that makes this game very different. We build castle, support units and armies like any other castle building game at the start. And as the game progress the game will introduce you to dragon breeding.

The heroes here are our dragons that we keep and send to attack and pillage other players. These dragons are produced by hatching eggs that you can get from raiding another user’s castle. When you find an egg, you need to hatch it. Each egg has an incubation period that you need to wait out. If you’re attacked during the incubation period, the egg can be stolen by the raiding user.

The dragon that comes out is random in type and quality. Different types of dragons have different abilities that you can use when you ride them. They have different stats too. When you raid another player’s castle, you could send your regular troops and your pet dragons also. All of this is controlled by AI like any other game, but the feature that makes MOTD stands out is that you can jump onto the dragon and control it directly.

MOTD is a fully 3D, so when you ride your dragon, you can move around and circle your enemy’s castle and pick out a target. Is that tower killing your foot soldier… but it’s behind a wall? Fly there and burn it down to a matchstick. Want to go directly and destroy the castle? Then by all means! Riding a dragon can make you feel invincible, but towers and defensive buildings can be very painful to your dragon. Because of this, using your troops and let them take the brunt of the damage is a good strategy to keep your dragons alive. The synergy between using your troops and dragon is quite balanced and you need both for a successful raid, especially on heavily defended castles. A skilled and efficient use of these two features is the keys during a raid.

During defence period, your castle depends entirely on your building and defensive structure placements. It’s a bit of a letdown that we cannot use our dragon as defence, but this is necessary to keep the game from focusing solely on dragon breeding. So the integration of elements like castle and defence building, resource management, dragon breeding and troops build up plays a balance role overall. Letting one side down will have a negative impact in your defence or offence or even both.

At the end, MOTD brings a fresh breath in the MMO Castle building strategy genre with a few new features to your other ‘normal’ games in the genre. This creates new challenges that even seasoned players can appreciate and also becomes a new experience overall that is addictive and fun.

Mark of the Dragon (MOTD) has been launched for certain countries including; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

MOTD will be available globally for iOS and Android on 6 November 2014.

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