Gotcha! Manchester United Catches POGBA!

After catching a Zlatan, Mkhitaryan and a Bailly, Manchester United has now successfully captured another world-class footballer. As much as I feel that a £89 million price tag is too much even for a player of his standard, the shits given would slowly fade away as the new season kickstarts… or maybe, there may be more than meets the eye with Mr. Pogba.

P.O.G.B.A. Code
Just like how DC’s Captain Marvel gets his powers from the Greek Gods with a cry of “SHAZAM!” I firmly believe that Pogba got his from the Gods of Football (it’s true… you’ll see).

Blessed with the passing of Pirlo, technique of Ozil, strength of Gattuso, speed of Bale and vision of Alonso, let’s explore just to how Paul Pogba just might bring the Premier League title back to Old Trafford once again!

So let’s celebrate #Pogback United fans!

[divider]P: Passing of Pirlo[/divider]

With Captain Wayne Rooney in the team, Shrek would most probably be the first choice for the number 10 role, shifting Pogba to central midfield.

Given how United fans are sick and tired of square passes, Pogba will prove to be a relief as a very attack-minded midfielder and has proven it against Juventus with the amount of killer passes he is capable of! With Pogba’s passing, Ibra’s certainly going to be looking forward to smashing beauty goals at Stretford End!

[divider]O: Technique of Ozil[/divider]
I think everyone can agree that United has lacked flair and flamboyance in their squad for the past few seasons. And this Frenchman has plenty of trickery up his sleeve for a central midfielder. His first touches and cheeky flicks of the ball have sent many opponents in opposite directions and even, dare I say, looking stupid.

[divider]G: Strength of Gattuso[/divider]

Currently, United lacks physical strength in midfield. The only 2 players that come to mind are Fellaini and Schneiderlin. Even with all that strength, Mr. Afro spends more time elbowing players than winning tackles but is very efficient…in passing to the opponent to score.

Schneiderlin on the other hand, is probably the only ball-winning player in the squad. However, with the depth of this newfound midfield, I highly doubt Pogba’s fellow Frenchman might be getting much action in the upcoming season.

Moreover, with Pogba’s built and tackling abilities, he will definitely further compliment Jose Mourinho’s aggressive style of play and also launch more bursting counter attacks forward.

[divider]B: Speed of Bale[/divider]
Ahhh… speaking of counter attacks, this guy can run! I mean he’s fast as hell! Unlike most other United players who are looking to pass to De Gea 110% of the time, Pogba is always looking forward.

He has the capabilities to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time and can burst through the opponent’s defence like a bull! And we all know Jose does not have the time and patience to watch his side complete a zillion passes, making this player just what he needs to give United the energy and positivity it’s been lacking in going forward.

[divider]A: Vision of Alonso[/divider]
Most fantastic players have all of the above that makes them, well… fantastic! However, I firmly believe that having extraordinary vision and intelligence on the pitch is what separates the fantastic from the amazing!

Pogba’s vision and playmaking efforts has been one of the main reasons why Juventus has been so dominant in, not only their Mickey Mouse league (because even James Milner can win a Serie A title with them), but also in the UEFA Champions League. His sense of awareness, composure and the knowledge of knowing where players are even without looking might just soar Manchester United back into the title race and maybe, just maybe, compete with the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the upcoming seasons!