Mambo Beach Club

Mambo Beach Club – Beat the Heat

So the Sun’s on a vengeful streak and seems intent on scorching Singapore to a crisp. Grass has turned brown and you have a severe need to water yourself… forget the plants.

On a hot and humid day, the beach is the perfect remedy… except for the sand. I hate the sand. I hate the way it just sticks to you and manages to find its way into the most uncomfortable places.

The answer – Mambo Beach Club a ‘Miami-styled’ club located just along the Siloso Beach stretch on Sentosa, you get the visual experience of the beach packaged with the resort-like party atmosphere and cool refreshing drinks to fend off the heat wave in style and watery comfort……and there’s no sand.

Mambo is where the hip and trendy chill to the beats of the reident DJ’s and the skills of the ‘flair-tenders’ who are always looking to entertain and just have fun.

I love the way Mambo gives you options and the best of both worlds – regardless whether you want to get wet or stay dry. There’s a nicely sized pool with the main bar sitting between the wet and dry sections of the beach club. Which means if you’re already in the pool, you don’t need to get out to get your drinks or you could choose to stay dry – but really , why do that? There are also a couple of jacuzzis and cushiony cabanas to laze around in.

However on a hot sunny day what you really need is a nice refreshing drink. Mambo Beach Club does not disappoint – from Margaritas and Mojitos to beers and fruity cocktails. If the senior bartenders are on, just let them know what kind of flavor you’d like, and how much you want to spend, and they’ll whip something up for you that’s not on the menu. I really like the way they prepare their Mojitos – Shaken not muddled. The mint leaves get smashed by the ice which really does make a difference.

Funny enough, I’ve been to Mambo a few times, but I’ve  never quite tried the food. They have a really good looking food menu and I hear that their pizzas are one of, if not the best, on the island. I guess that’s something I definitely need to rectify the next time I’m there – most likely the lasagne and pizzas.

Once you’re done with the initial food and drinks, play some fooseball, beer pong or just get in the pool and enjoy yourself. So if you’ve got a need to beat the heatwave, grab a friend or twenty and head down to Mambo.

Mambo Beach Club

40 Siloso Beach Walk Singapore 098996 |

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