Magneto and His New X-Men Face Extinction!

For whatever reason, Marvel has decided to return to the era of Grant Morrison’s X-Men, written by Chris Burnham with art by Ramon Villalobos channeling his inner Frank Quietly (again, why?!) in E is for Extinction.

What happens to the X-Men when they no longer fight for a world that hates and fears them, but for a world that wants to be them? More importantly – what is Magneto doing running the Xavier institute?!

The world may be a utopia for mutants, but there are still those who seek to crush Magneto and his team of New X-Men. Together they’ll face down the villainous U-Men, and even….the original X-Men?! The sparks will fly this June, so strap in and prepare for a thrill ride as Burnham and Villalobos flip the X-Men on their heads in E is for Extinction #1!

E is for Extinction #1
Written by Chirs Burnham
Art by Ramon Villalobos
Cover by Ian Bertram
Variant by James Harren
Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher
On Sale 24th June

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