Magic: The Gathering – Shadows Over Innistrad Launched

Magic: The Gathering fans all over rejoice as the latest expansion, Shadows over Innistrad makes its way to a store near you.

Some strange force is working on the world of Innistrad, twisting it into a bent reflection of itself. Jace travel to Innistrad to look for clues and search for the meaning behind this change… But he only found more questions, curses have grown stronger, the monsters thirst could not be sated, and the living are once again haunted by the dead.

The force of this evil needs to be found before its darkness consumes the world and even Jace himself. There were strange clues, a trail of dark magic, a tangled web of insanity but the knots are unraveling – those who once protected the world now fly on bloodstained wings led Jace here where only madness awaits on this very consecrated ground…

With the release of Shadows over Innistrad, players will be able to live the story as it unfolds, challenging players to align with a clan and complete achievements to stop darkness from consuming Jace and the world.

Recently, I got the opportunity to get my hands on prerelease boosters and run a couple of games with Magic the Gathering volunteers and reps in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While not new to the game – I have played a couple of rounds with old decks for nostalgia sake maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years, but I hadn’t sat down and made a new deck since 1999 (I think).

It surprised me how you really don’t forget the basics. Magic: The Gathering isn’t the simplest of games, but it’s really quick to pick up and developing a strategy would probably just take a couple of games. However, it’s definitely meant for a more discerning crowd and the possibilities are endless with the number of cards available.

With more than 290 new cards, you can be sure that Shadows over Innistrad will break meta once again and it will be really interesting to see the different kinds of deck builds that turn up.

I particularly like the dual-sided cards that you flip over to transform them to an alternate state when certain conditions are met – what better way to represent werewolves no? I’d like to think that I held my own against the more experienced players – which just goes to show how easy it is to get back into it.

Magic: The Gathering – Shadows over Innistrad will be available through pre-release events this weekend, April 2nd and 3rd and made officially available a week after April 8, in participating retailers nationwide.

Check out the tournament locator to find a local store Prerelease event near you at These events are Sealed Deck format events, where players are given Prerelease Packs and time to construct a 40-card minimum deck. Unravel the madness at your local store this weekend!