Madblock: New Premium Loot-Box to Launch?

It wasn’t very long ago when the first loot-box was introduced. Now it seems that they’re popping up almost everywhere and the lines (and value propositions) that separate each are getting thinner every month. However, whispers in the wind say that Singapore might just be about to receive it’s first ‘premium’ loot-box service that promises to get you going crazy – the MadBlock.

What is a loot-box? Well it’s basically a mystery box packed with goodies (usually pop-culture and game related) whose retail values should be more than what you paid for. Loot-boxes might include limited edition items and are usually available on a monthly subscription.

From what we hear, each Madblock will retail at approximately SGD90 and contain premium items, exclusive art and discounts worth up to SGD150. In addition, each month one lucky customer will win a CGC (graded and sealed) comic worth at least SGD250.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know for now. Stay tuned for more updates.