World of Warcraft Warlords

Love Affair with the World of Warcraft Re-kindled

It was 10 years ago when we first met.

A couple of my friends introduced me to her. I wasn’t very keen, to be honest. But I thought to myself, “why not just give it a go and see how it turns out.”

She was beautiful, and I had fallen completely in love with her.

Her name was World Of Warcraft, and she was the center of my universe.

Oh, the wonders that she showed me!

I remember base-jumping from The Twin Colossus. I remember playing tag with Teremus The Devourer. I remember my first foray into Molten Core.

The adventures I went on and the people that I met – the entire experience would shape a large part of my life, both virtually and in real life.

But all good things come to an end. After years together, I had grown weary. She had shown me a whole new world and now my eyes were open. I wanted to experience new things, and so I said goodbye to her as I explored other options.

There were many others after her. But the relationships never lasted long. I would come across an article about her once in a while and she was still going strong. But the feeling had passed and I thought I would never see her again.

Then I found out about Warlords Of Draenor, her upcoming expansion.

It piqued my interest. A chance to explore Draenor, ancestral home of the Orcs and the adopted lands of the displaced Draenei. You could build your own garrison! There were new character models, dungeons, raids! And a free Level 90 character boost!

Oh be still my beating heart…

But after so long, could I still love WoW? I had to find out. I re-installed her and logged back in. And like the first time I met her, she took my breath away again.

WoW is not a new game, yet she stands defiant against all the other new kids on the block. Her graphics are still crisp and gorgeous. Her play-style has been refined and streamlined – allowing new players to easily jump on board and fall in love with her.

There’s even more to see and do than before. WoW didn’t grow old, she was just… growing. She didn’t feel aged, she felt like a brand new game.

I spent about half an hour killing a pack of mobs, and 2 hours just idly fishing at a scenic lake in the sprawling fields of Pandaria. I spent more time just enjoying myself exploring the little nooks and crannies.

I had been away for so long and she welcomed me back warmly, eager to show me more wonders.

WoW was the first, and she is, not surprisingly, still the best. Nothing else captures the radiant spirit and splendour like WoW. I’m seeing her later tonight – we’re hunting for a new helm for my Paladin. I can’t wait.

Anu belore dela’na, readers. And I’ll see you in Azeroth.

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