Little Big Planet 3 Gets Bigger on the PS4

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The Good Stuff
Beautiful graphics
Massive creative mode
All-star cast
Could Be Better
Can be a little buggy

In Little Big Planet 3 we join Sackboy in a whole new adventure on a completely new planet (Bunkum), where we try to save the universe after he accidentally releases three evil Titans. This time however, Sackboy isn’t alone. Joining him are three new characters that each have their own unique traits and abilities for players to use and enjoy while running through this not so little puzzle platformer.

If you’re familiar with the Little Big Planet series you’ll get a hang of the gameplay pretty quick–going through levels by solving puzzles–this time you have new and different characters to use to get through certain puzzles. This alone definitely raises that bar of variability of the game. Also with an all-star cast–Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tara Strong, Nolan North voice-acting during gameplay as well as cut scenes, Little Big Planet 3 just becomes so much more enjoyable.

Another feature that has really impressed me is that they have put in a lot of effort to make the game feel like it’s for the Playstation 4. They could have left it as it was (like the last 2 games) and not tweaked the graphics at all–they might have gotten away with it as well being a puzzle platformer–but instead the graphics have been boosted to 1080p resolution which makes for gorgeous and seamless levels.

Now after you finish all that story mode stuff where do you go? To the Creator Mode of course. This is where you’ll be spending tons and tons of hours just creating new levels to share online. Creative mode is so much more improved with 70 new tools and even custom creative tools for specific tasks and not to mention the improved 16 layers of depth from the previous 3 layers. There is definitely gonna be some crazy complicated levels that are just going to be so exciting to complete!

Now for multiplayer, levels can be attacked solo OR with friends and people online. We’ve all heard the saying “The more the merrier”. This is of course a double edged sword. If you get a agroup that works together you’d probably breeze through the levels. BUT if you’ve got one guy clowning around its going to take you much more time. Of course that is they joy (and frustration) of multiplayer in any game.

While there are a couple of minor bugs, Little Big Planet 3 is for anyone who loves puzzle platformers–it really stands out as a game of its own.