LG Launches The UltraGear Gaming Speaker, Its First-Ever Sound Solution Designed For Gamers

The LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker (model GP9) is designed to take players deeper into the action with three-dimensional, game optimized sound, and allows gamers to communicate with other players without the need for separate headsets or microphones.

LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker is a key component of LG’s strategy to expand its UltraGear ecosystem with new innovations that take the gaming experience to new heights.

Leveraging its expertise in audio technology, LG’s first UltraGear sound solution product incorporates actual insights from real gamers throughout the development process, resulting in a product that frees users from headphones – a key component of the gaming experience that gamers identified as inconvenient and uncomfortable after marathon gaming sessions.

The new speaker boasts LG’s proprietary 3D Gaming Sound technology which incorporates a specially-designed HRTF (head-related transfer function) algorithm to tailor a game’s audio according to genre. This results in users being able to experience detailed virtual surround sound complete with a realistic sense of space, position and directionality, all without a cumbersome headset.

Based on this innovative technology, the GP9 also features Game Genre Optimizer with two modes that can customize game audio to match what the user is playing.

FPS Mode allows first-person shooter game fans to hear the smallest of details, allowing them to react even quicker to enemy stealthily closing in on their position. RTS Mode ramps up the realism with genuine spatial sound that can immerse players in their favorite real-time strategy (RTS), racing and all other games like never before.

The LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker can also provide 7.1 virtual surround sound when using headsets or earphones.


The built-in mics utilize LG’s unique echo-cancellation algorithm which can distinguish a user’s voice from game sounds and background noises. The advanced speaker can also perform the role of the discrete sound card many PC gamers prefer.

Not only does it allow users to download professionally tuned EQ settings via a companion app, the speaker also lets users share custom sound settings for specific games with other gamers.

The Hi-Res Audio certified speaker can deliver a richer, more complete reproduction of original sound during gameplay.

The GP9 features built-in Hi-Fi Quad DAC (ES9038PRO), an advanced technology typically found only in high-end audio equipment. When connected to a PC, the speaker delivers the full benefit of its Hi-Fi Quad DAC.

The GP9’s top-mounted control buttons make it easy to change microphone, volume and sound modes on the fly and comes with customizable RGB lighting that can display 16.8 million different colors to create a more immersive environment and enhance the overall gaming experience.

It also features a variety of connectivity options including optical cable, USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity.

The UltraGear Gaming Speaker offers a unified, ultra-stylish aesthetic when paired with one of LG’s lightning-fast UltraGear gaming monitors as it’s designed to fit neatly between the legs of the monitor’s stand. But the GP9 is designed to pair well with any display, its “tactical” matte black finish and understated metallic elements looks great next to any device in any room.

The LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker is priced at S$699 and is now exclusively available on official LG Lazada, LG Shopee and KrisShop.