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Letters to Finland – A Singaporean Short Film About the Apocalypse

When I was young, I dreamed about the apocalypse almost every night. One dream in particular stuck with me: It was the apocalypse, and everyone was trying to board a train to Finland because it was the only safe place left on earth. Someone announced that the only way to board the train was to produce a letter or some kind of proof that you had family in Finland who wanted you to come to them. I resigned myself to dying, since I did not have any family in Finland, but then I got a letter from someone saying he was my real dad and to come to Finland and be with him. I held on to this dream for a long time – in my mind, there was a dad in Finland who loves me, and who would come collect me when the world ended.

Now on Kickstarter is Letters to Finland, a short film by Singaporean filmmaker Sya le Roux.

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Singaporean filmmaker Sya le Roux brings her vivid imagination to life in Letters to Finland.

A Yale-NUS graduate, le Roux first wrote the short film for her capstone. Not only would it go on to be realised, but it also won her the Yale-NUS Literary Award for scriptwriting. With Letters to Finland, le Roux seeks to lend a a more personal and affectionate lens to the apocalypse, and to explore loneliness – not just the loneliness of being alone in an empty world, but also the loneliness of trauma and failed human connection. She also hopes to express a more true depiction of sexual violence survivors than represented on screen today.
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The film is currently in post-production and will even have a work-in-progress version screened online on the 29th of July, at 8PM (+8 GMT).

In Letters to Finland, the world ends quietly. People vanish suddenly and without trace, including Ellie’s sexually abusive father. Now alone in a seemingly empty world, Ellie befriends inanimate objects and makes phone calls to imaginary friends to soothe her loneliness. She writes identical letters addressed to a “dad” in Finland asking him to come meet her at her flat, and leaves them at train stations. A man knocks on her door, but he is not the man she is looking for. Ellie ends the day somehow lonelier than she started it.

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The campaign will close on the 31st of July at 7.30PM (+8 GMT). Back Letters to Finland on Kickstarter now and fuel a new generation fo Singaporean filmmakers who dare to dream!

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