Leinil Yu Interview

Leinil Yu – Comics, the Industry and Star Wars

We catch up with Leinil Francis Yu and chat about breaking into comics, his work on Wolverine, the industry in Asia and his thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Leinil broke into mainstream comics under Whilce Portacio’s tutelage starting his nearly 20 year career in the pages of Marvel’s Wolverine.

He has since worked on various X-titles before briefly sliding over briefly to DC’s Superman Birthright and 2 creatorowned projects: Highroads and Silentdragon, co-created with Lobdell and Diggle respectively.

The return to Marvel gave us titles like Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, New Avengers and the Mega crossover book: Secret Invasion with Brian Bendis. Never taking a break, he’s produced artwork for Avengers, Ultimate Avengers, the Millar co-creations Superior and Supercrooks and many other titles for Marvel Comics.

Currently his work can be found in Secret Wars: Civil War written by Charles Soule.