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YOU Choose a Singapore Comic Con Cover for Legionaries #1

New comic Legionaries #1 is now on Kickstarter and will have backers vote on a special Fans' Choice Cover!

After what seems like an eternity (well, 2 years, to be more specific), physical events are back in force and–geeks rejoice!–Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) is back. And the best part about a Singapore comic convention? Singaporean comics!

A feature for this year is Legionaries #1, the debut issue of a new series now on Kickstarter. Written by Ryan Mennen and Sathya Sandiran*, Legionaries pits legendary Roman heroes against the forces of darkness as they do their best to protect and prepare the 12-year-old reincarnation of Jupiter, the King of Gods and ruler of Olympus.

With a Kickstarter campaign running from now till end November, Legionaries will not only be launching at the Singapore Comic Con, but will also be featuring 2 event covers. And you get to choose one of them!

Backers at the “On Papyrus: Fans’ Choice Cover ($12)” will be able to vote for the cover by one of 12 guest artists, all of whom will be present at publisher CS Comics‘ booth at the convention this December.

Featuring art from a range of Singapore-based artists, backers at the Fans’ Choice Cover tier will each be allowed a vote to decide which of these talented individuals’ work will grace this special Singapore Comic Con cover.

And, if your cover of choice doesn’t win, backers may select one of the similarly priced base covers by Legionaries artist Zehe Abdul Rahman or Tasha Leah Santiago‘s Kickstarter exclusive campaign special cover, or the fan favourite blank cover.

So, if you’re looking to get something special to celebrate the return of Singapore Comic Con, or to support this made-in-Singapore comic, head over to the Legionaries #1 Kickstarter campaign page to back it! And be sure to select the On Papyrus: Fans’ Choice Cover.

*Disclaimer: If those names are familiar, it’s ’cause Ryan and Sathya are Justsaying.ASIA contributors! (But we don’t like them enough to be extra nice on the upcoming review… so stay tuned!)