Lawry’s 19th Anniversary Set Menu is Loaded with Value and Taste

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The Good
The Ambience Is Unlike Any Other Restaurant
Dishes Were Beyond Expectations
The Set Menu Is Definitely Worth The Money
The Bad
The Set Menu will Set You Back Quite A Bit Financially
Salmon Main Course Was Overshadowed

Head down to Lawry’s this July to savour their tantalizing 19th Anniversary Set Menu which is sure to fill up and satisfy any appetite.

To start you’ll have The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad, which will be tossed and prepared right in front of you! The salad itself was pretty good, better than most salads I’ve tried as the ingredients were really fresh. However, the highlight of this dish is more focused on the live station rather than the salad itself.

Appetizer Sampler

Next you’ll be treated to the appetizer sampler consisting of 3 different items. The Hokkaido Scallop was a little chewy but still very sweet and delicious, the Mango Salsa was definitely an interesting addition to the scallop but I wish it wasn’t served at the bottom of the dish but rather drizzled lightly on the top.

The Chicken Gyoza was probably one of the best gyoza’s I’ve eaten, it was crispy on the outside and the meat was delicious on the inside, the addition of the wasabi mayonnaise was a nice touch, especially since the wasabi flavour did not overpower the dish.

Last but not least you’ll have a cut of foie gras and by the gods was it delicious, the richness of it was cut so well with the sauce served on top of it and the texture was just so tender and creamy making it so a joy to eat, it was definitely my favourite of the 3 by a landslide.

Next for the main course you get to choose between 3 dishes, the Lamb, Salmon or Prime Rib. The Baked Herb Crusted Salmon to me was the weakest of the 3 dishes although it tasted good and the salmon was cooked perfectly. The sides were definitely complementary to the dish, but it was simply overshadowed by the other two meat choices.

The Truffle Rosemary Lamb Rack definitely blew me away, it was so tender and juicy and the gaminess wasn’t too strong, I also enjoyed the carrot puree as I find any complementary sauce or puree that is not mint based served with lamb very refreshing.

Lastly you get a choice of the Lawry’s Signature Roasted Prime Rib of Beef, which to me is the most delicious and worth it choice among the three as it is their signature dish and the sides that come with it are Lawry’s main stays. The Beef itself is super juicy and tender and the au jus (name of the sauce) served with it is perfect, the au jus also complements the yorkshire pudding served with the dish.

The mashed potato was good too but didn’t really stand out to me. You also have a choice between corn, spinach and peas for the last side dish, I really loved the spinach and it’ll always be my first choice, the corn honestly wasn’t too bad either it was sweet and nicely seasoned and it’s probably the first time i really enjoyed eating corn. I didn’t get to try the peas but my general rule is to always stay far away from them unless peas are really your kind of thing.

Lastly, after that barrage of dishes you’ll still have to make room for dessert (although there should always be a seperate stomach for dessert). The 2 choices of desserts consist of either purely sweet items or a blend between sweet and sour. The Lemon Meringue Cake, which is the sweet and sour option, is my preferred dish as the sourness of the cake not only helps to cut the fattiness and richness of the previous dishes but it also isn’t overtly sweet or sour and the flavours are blended perfectly, the yuzu ice cream however did feel more like a sorbet and was not as impactful.

The sweet option, being the Sea Salt Pecan Mousse Cake, will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth, each layer of the cake was delicious and bursting with flavours of chocolate, the ice cream on the side is a small scoop of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean which although was delicious, I would’ve preferred a in-house made ice cream as it definitely would introduce to new flavours as opposed to something I could buy at the store.

Lobster Thermidor

On top of this beautifully curated menu, guests will also have the option to add on half a Lobster Thermidor for only $10++ which is honestly a steal. The lobster in my opinion is definitely a great ‘side dish’ for your main course and the chefs are definitely generous with the ingredients within the Thermidor.

Overall, I had a truly enjoyable dining experience at Lawry’s and the I believe that their food and service would not disappoint any customer, so if you’re thinking of treating yourself or dining with a partner, I highly recommend Lawry’s 19th Anniversary Menu.

Fun Fact: Lawry’s is Halal Friendly as some of their dishes are halal certified, so if you’re interested in having a halal friendly menu do mention it while ordering and the servers will advise you accordingly

The Lawry’s 19th Anniversary Set Menu is priced at 118++ per person and 188++ per 2 persons and is available throughout the month of July.

333A Orchard Road, #04-01/31
Mandarin Gallery
Nearest MRT: Somerset


Operating Hours
Lunch: 11.30am to 4.00pm, Daily
Dinner: 5.00pm to 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday, 5.00pm to 10.30pm Friday & Saturday

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